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Enjoying a black cock at the adult book store……..

I was on a business trip that night and I was really very horny.
After sipping a glass of Irish whisky and having my rock hard cock in my hands, I decided it was time to look for an adult book store there.
I could get some anonymous cock sucking.

When I arrived there, only a couple cars were at the parking lot.
But my cock was throbbing, so with or without a partner I was going to relieve myself. When I went in, there was a cashier behind the counter and a huge black guy checking out the sex toys shelves.
I bought some tokens and made my way through the curtain into the dark hallways to the video booths.
I went in, sat on the bench and dropped some tokens into the slot.
Soon I unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out. It was already swollen and in just a few strokes, I was rock hard.

Within a couple of minutes I heard someone enter the booth on my left, close the door, and drop tokens into the slot. I looked through the hole and saw he was the same black guy who was at the counter when I arrived.
He sat on the bench and I saw as he reached into his trousers and pulled his cock out. In the dim light I could see he had a very thick black cock.

I watched as he slowly stroked his growing cock; it was about nine inches of pure heaven.

I was anxious to suck some cock so I put my fingers through the hole, hoping he would feed his black piece through it. He stood up and lowered his pants to his knees and I could see his dick was now fully erect.

He began to verbally tease me….. commandimg me to beg for his bbc… I CANT HEAR YOU HE SAYS

He turned and stepped towards the wall and slowly pushed this monster black cock through the glory hole…

I took his magnificent rod in my hand and began stroking it. I could feel the thick veins running along his shaft as I caressed it. His foreskin rolled freely over his bulbous head as I stroked him.

I lifted his cock up and began licking and sucking his heavy balls.
I moved my tongue up the underside of his rock hard dick and put my mouth over the head when I got to the top. With just the head in my mouth, I pulled his foreskin over my tongue and ran it around his thick head.


His cock had a musky scent which aroused me even more. I pulled back and stroked his cock as I admired it. Pre cum was beginning to ooze and I began to suck his thick black cock.
He quickly joined into the rhythm and began rocking his hips back and forth. I was soon taking his entire cock in my mouth and burying my nose in his bush.

He pulled back through the glory hole and leaned down close to the hole.
Then he whispered very softly:
“Get your tight white ass against the hole, you bitch…”

I was sure I would enjoy this huge black cock fucking my tight asshole.
Then I got up and put my buttocks against the wall head of the booth.

I bent over and placed my hands on the bench. I felt him put his warm, sticky hard black rod between my ass cheeks and slowly he pushed the head into my waiting tight asshole…
With a steady pressure he pushed until his entire head was in me. He paused a few seconds and then he pushed it in some more. I experienced a slight pain, but not enough to quit.

He slowly inched his hardened cock into me until I could feel his balls against mine. He was all the way in. He eased back a little, then pushed in again. Soon he was working his swollen shaft in and out of me and picking up the pace with each push in…
He started a steady rhythm and I knew he was not going to stop.

My sphincter was easily accommodating his thick cock now and I was really enjoying this ass fucking. Soon my own cock was again rock hard.
Soon the black guy began to take long, slow strokes and pushing as deep as he could. After a minute of slow fucking he picked up speed and began thrusting harder and faster.

I could tell he was about to cum. Suddenly he grunted, telling me he was close to cum. Then he tensed up and shoved his cock deep and stayed there.
Then I could feel his cock pulsating as he pumped his load into my anus.
I was jacking hard now and shot a huge load on the floor of the booth.

My black stud slowly pulled his softening cock out of my ass and I tightened my sphincter muscles to milk all of his warm semen…..Please dont let this be the only time you fuck was all I could say ….

As I stood to pull up my trousers, I saw a huge glob landing on my slip.

I turned around and took my fuck buddy’s cock in my hand and caressed it some more. Then he thanked me through the wall and he slipped out.
On the drive to my hotel I could feel this black guy’s creamy load oozing out of my asshole. I went straight to the bathroom to shower.

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