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The summer before entering junior high my mother had to go out of town for a few days. The neighbor lady Mrs Scott agreed to watch me. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t get along with her daughter. She Megan protested when she found out she had to give up her room while I was there.

After dinner Megan took her shower first. After putting on her night clothes and robe she came out. Grabbing my pajamas I went to the bathroom. As I was undressing I see her dirty clothes laying in a pile. Being nosey I picked them up. I couldn’t believe how soft her panties were compared to my underwear. Picking up her bra I held it to my chest. Looking in the mirror something stirred inside me. Giggling I put it down and took my shower.

Going to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about Megan’s under clothes. Peaking out the door, I seen her and Mrs Scott were in her room. I turned on the lamp and went through the dresser drawers. One drawer had pants folded up in it, another had shirts. Socks and tights were in the third one. Opening the fourth drawer I was suprised at all the different types of panties she had. As I picked each one up my little dick started to stiffen. There was a pair like I seen in the bathroom. Taking my pajamas off I stepped into them.

The feeling of the soft nylon hugging my butt and pressing my dick was unbelievable. I walked to the door where a long mirror hung. I turned from side to side looking at myself. Going back to the dresser I picked up a bra. Pulling it down over my head, I went back to the mirror. It looked like a short shirt just covering my chest. The little cups stretched flat against me. I couldn’t help but look at my stiff dick pressing against the material. I quickly stripped them off and put my pajamas on before I was caught.

The next day Mrs Scott said she had to take Megan to the dentist and I should be alright by myself for a couple of hours. I watched as the car drove away before running to Megan’s bedroom. I stripped everything off and put another pair of panties on. These fit a little differently. I found a bra that came apart in front. I put it on and looked in the mirror. Using my fingers I poked the cups tickling my nipples. Going back to the dresser I took out a pair of tights. It took a minute to figure out how to pull them up. I liked how everything felt against my skin. Looking down my stiff dick was pushing straight out. The panties tickled the tip of my dick as I explored the closest. Shirts and dresses were hang. Looking down there were some shelves. Shoes were on top but some swim suits were on the second shelf. I looked at her bikinis then a one piece. Picking it up, I stepped into it. Looking in the mirror I laughed at how silly I looked. Taking everything off I put the bathingsuit back on. It felt good all over.

Thirsty I went to the kitchen. Getting a glass of water I looked out the big Window. Seeing the above ground pool I thought I’d just take a quick look. Stepping out I looked around to see if anyone was out. Running I got to the pool and climbed the ladder. As I was coming back down I heard someone say aren’t you a cutie. My heart nearly stopped.

Looking towards the fence Mr Davis, Mrs Scott’s neighbor was standing there. I was wandering who was walking around when I seen the car leave. I never realized the bedroom curtains were open and he seen everything I did. Please I said. Please don’t tell anyone. After what felt like hours Mr Davis said why don’t you take that off and put those panties and bra you had on last night and come over. What amazing I going to do kept shooting throu my head. Finally I hung my head and said ok.

I put the swimsuit back and put the panty and bra on. Putting my clothes on on top I went next door. Mr Davis opened the door and said, good discission. When I went inside he said to take my shirt and pants off. As I stood in front of him in just the panties and bra, he pulled me to him and sat me on his knee.

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