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The Art of Being a Devoted Partner (and Give a Girl Orgasms)

The Art of Being a Devoted Partner (and Give a Girl Orgasms) sex toys

“There’s not a whole lot to do… I’m here at my house, and I’m beginning to worry that your ardent sex may have become an addiction for me… I still can’t get over last night… I utterly adore it. sex toys
Continue reading if you don’t receive text messages like that on a daily basis, even from seasoned party girls, and if you feel like you could use a refresher course on how to be a good lover.

The following was the text she sent me after that:

“Hm… what is your magic trick behind the scenes?” sex toys for women


I didn’t tell her… However, I am going to tell you something.


And if you don’t already know how to make girls climb the walls, you really ought to educate yourself on the subject. It can do wonders for your self-assurance… in addition, it makes it much easier for you to keep the attention of a female who genuinely likes you.


When it comes down to it, there really is no justification for the fact that you shouldn’t be able to induce several orgasms in a woman while you’re in bed with her.


And after you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll be able to approach ladies with the confidence that you will provide them with the most amazing sexual experience of their lives… And that’s a potent point.

What does it mean to be “Good In Bed”?

When asked if they are good in bed or not, 99 percent of men will respond that they are good in bed if you question them directly.
In the same way that the vast majority of men believe they are above-average drivers…

However, there’s no way that could ever work. Only half of all drivers are above the norm in their ability. And it’s not necessarily the case that the other half are men…
The issue is that we men have a large ego, and we frequently have an extremely positive picture of our own capabilities when it comes to any ability that is linked with masculinity… Because of this, we rarely make an effort to improve our abilities in that particular field, and this is one reason why.


Included in this is the art of being a decent lover.


I was the same way in the past, but it was before I became interested in tantric sex and other eastern sexual techniques.
And all of a sudden, I came to the startling realisation that the majority of people have no idea what the phrase “excellent in bed” really means!
After learning some of these methods, the very first girlfriend I had was able to come to me three times in the space of only one minute… I’m not even referring to multiple orgasms in a row, but rather three distinct ones here.
There were instances when her peak would last for a full five minutes… I remember keeping track of her arrivals once, and I tallied 19 of them in a single night.

The following morning, I came into my room and found her seated on my bed, with her back against the wall and her eyes fixed on… She was so far gone that she could not thread together a coherent thought anymore, and she, like everyone else, was curious about where I had acquired the ability to accomplish so.

Right now, I’m going to divulge some of the information that’s been keeping you from reaching your full potential in the bedroom.

Where Are You Hitting the Spots, Now?

It would appear that some guys are still having trouble locating the clitoris… I don’t think you’re one of them, but just in case you ever have to describe it to your friend who does nothing but play World of Warcraft, you should say that it’s the thing that feels like a mouse wheel and is located above the vagina. I don’t think you are one of them.

There’s no one right way to do things when it comes to girls… Some women enjoy it when you rub their clit very lightly, almost to the point where you don’t even touch it. Others prefer it to be rough, and you should use the palm of your hand to rub it back and forth as quickly and as forcefully as you can… You need to get an idea of how she is feeling.

And if you choose the latter option, be sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant…

Therefore, it was the punchline.

It goes without saying that I’m referring to the iconic G-Spot when I say that the second spot has a smidgen more intrigue to it.

Is There Really No G-Spot Vibrator ?

If you can believe it, the BBC published an article not so long ago in which the author asserted that the G-Spot “doesn’t appear to exist.”

If you’ve ever seen how women react when you stimulate their G-Spot, you will find that claim to be just as hilarious as I do. I can only conclude that the scientist who wrote that paper not only made a fool out of himself by publicly proclaiming that he is unable to please women, but that he also needs to get laid more… a lot more. If you’ve ever seen how women respond when you stimulate their G-Spot vibrator , you will find that claim to be just as hilarious as I do

Someone needs to direct his attention to our blog…

There is such a thing as the “G-Spot,” and yes, it does exist; anatomically speaking, it is the counterpart of the male prostate… correspondingly, the clitoris serves as the penis’ counterpart in female anatomy.

It is located within the vagina, and you may access it quite simply by inserting your middle finger there… When a woman gets aroused, it becomes engorged, and stimulating it can generate ejaculatory output from the female.

As is the case with the clitoris, various women have varying preferences regarding how they would like their G-spot stimulated… Some people like it when you move your finger in a circular pattern, while others like it when you quickly move your finger from left to right, and some people like it when you gently move your finger here and there…


The options are practically limitless, so in order to determine what she enjoys most, you will need to experiment with a variety of approaches and observe her reactions to each one… It is recommended that you inquire with her as well.

When it comes to relationships, communication is always the way to go.

At the end of the day, though, this is not nearly as much about technique as it is about mentally stimulating a woman by being a strong, macho man who takes the lead.

The Deep Spot

This location is a little bit more difficult to locate than the other two… and as its name suggests, it’s fairly deep inside a woman’s vagina.
Because it is that far down, the only surefire way to locate it is to insert your fingers to the point where you can feel her cervix. In point of fact, it is that deep. Then you just need to slightly bend your fingers, and you’ll get it.
The muscles that tighten during an orgasmic episode in a woman are what make up the Deep Spot… This indicates that if you massage and stimulate these muscles in a woman, you CANNOT AVOID CAUSING HER TO HAVE ORGASM.


It’s really funny to watch the look on their faces when they realise that, even if it’s just for a second, you have total control over them… You have complete control over their enjoyment, and you have the ability to take their thoughts on a round trip to the moon and back.


This is what leads to an addiction to sexual activity… If you can master this strategy and implement it with a female, you won’t need to worry as much about how to make her want you and how to keep her around after you’ve slept with her because it will take care of both of those issues.


When it comes to this one, women just can’t get enough of it!


It’s important to keep in mind that the Deep Spot isn’t really a “spot”… It begins in the front of her anterior fornix (which is located below her belly button) and travels all the way around to the back, close to her rectum…

…and just so you know, if you stimulate the rear of the deep spot during anal intercourse, it can temporarily inhibit some women’s ability to communicate due to the high levels of endorphins produced in their bodies.

How to Be a Good Lover: Beyond Technique

As I alluded to earlier, technique is not the only factor to consider. You can’t offer a girl the best night of her life simply by putting her in a million different positions and physically stimulating her in a million different ways, despite the fact that it’s not really accurate to say that technique doesn’t matter at all.
As was said earlier, the mental aspect is an essential component…

…and the sexual interaction with a lady starts the moment you start talking to her for the first time.

You have to understand that everything hinges on the mental preparation…


And if you combine that with the physical build-up, you’ll have a female who is going to be so ready to go and dripping wet before you ever start having sex with her that she’s going to BEGG you to penetrate her……which, by the way, will also make it 10 times more likely that she’s going to have an unbelievable quantity of orgasms and have the night of her life with you. This is something that you should know.So, tell me, exactly what does good foreplay entail? Some kissing, some fondling, some caressing?

Not even close… that won’t cut it. That behaviour is common among men. This is how you may differentiate yourself from others.

Preheating the Oven

Do you want to learn how to be a good lover for your girl? Here are some tips. Before we even get started, here are a few things you may do to get her weak in the knees and melt in your arms before you even begin… and here are a few trade secrets that you may use to offer a girl orgasms, as well as for the actual act of having sex:

  • Smelling her neck, breathing into her ear and licking her skin: Lick a spot on her skin so it becomes moist, and THEN breathe on it. Your warm breath will make the saliva evaporate and give her the shivers. Works best on her breasts or her neck.
  • Run your fingers along those parts of her body where the light thin hair is… the hair that is barely even visible. Stay about a millimeter above her skin, so you don’t touch it… but you do brush that hair. Goosebumps guaranteed.
  • Biting – a very sensual, slow bite that can be very erotic to a woman. You can also byte her whole lower jaw…  I’m not even sure why this turns many women on so much, but I suspect it’s because it’s such an expression of raw passion and desire.
  • Ass smacking – this really depends on the girl. Some women only get really aroused if you are super affectionate and sweet with them, others won’t leave your bedroom happy unless you smack them in the face and dominate them like a rag doll. Be careful with this and ramp it up slowly to find out what she likes.
  • Tease her – licking or even just touching a girl around her vagina or her breasts (not actually on them initially) is extremely powerful. You can also lick her tits, but only for half a second and pull back… Wait 5 seconds and do it again. Avoid her nipple and tease her stupid.
  • For cunnilingus, try to pretend like you’re French kissing her vagina as if it was her mouth. It’s as exciting to them when they can tell you’re really enjoying her as it is to us when a girl looks us straight in the eyes with desire while she’s giving a blow job.
  • Kisses – For some reason girls really like it when you kiss them all over their bodies… You can even give a girl little peck kisses all over her face. The same goes for softly touching her face, for your cheek touching her cheek and even for cupping her face with your hands as you make out with her.
  • Put her legs on your shoulders or your chest, with her pelvis tilted up while you have sex with her – that way you can really hit her deep spot as you penetrate her, and her own knees will be massaging her breasts.
  • Pull her nipple strongly with your lips, or softly with your teeth… then lick the middle of her nipple quickly up and down, back and forth with your tongue. Also try going in circles, around the nipple… you can even spiral your way from the outside in, getting closer and closer, always going in circles.The reason why this is such a turn-on for women is because the nerve endings at the skin of her breasts are arranged in circles.
  • Massage both her G-spot and her Deep Spot from the inside and the outside (her belly) at the same time.
  • If you’re good at multitasking, you can even stimulate your girl in four ways at the same time, with your left and right hands, your mouth and your member.
  • While she’s on top, raise your hip and just shake it back and forth. You can get a good angle at her spots that way, and her whole body is pretty much at your mercy… which is a huge turn-on for most women. She’s on top, but she has no control over what’s happening to her at all.
  • As you stimulate her G-Spot, instead of doing a come hither motion, go left and right, back and forth, with your middle finger, and extremely fast. The gland should swell and so your finger will slide off the gland on either side every time you cross it.

I’ve just handed you a significant quantity of explosives for you to experiment with… as a result of this, I feel the need to issue you a warning.

It is not appropriate to utilise this entire arsenal on ladies that you are not at all serious about dating. If you do this, you have the potential to build a tremendous sexual addiction in women, and you don’t want women who are simply seeing you on a casual basis to become overly attached to you. You need to use extreme caution so that you don’t end up hurting a girl by engaging in this behaviour with the incorrect girl.


Believe me when I say that there is absolutely NO advantage whatsoever in trying to convince girls to fall in love with you when you don’t feel the same way about them. They will give you the ultimatum, and what could otherwise be a great time for everyone will end in tears. It will only generate drama if you do that, and they will offer you the ultimatum.


Make sure to save the genuine nukes for the girls that you have a serious interest in.

If you are able to shock and amaze her in a way that no other man she has ever met or ever will meet in her whole life, you will lay a rock-solid basis for a romantic relationship with her.

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