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5 different ways to make love that keep things interesting in bedroom

5 different ways to make love that keep things interesting in bedroom

You and your partner might have a few favourite sex positions that you both keep coming back to. These could become your “go-to” positions because of how effective they are. Look, we’re not arguing that consistency and predictability are bad things, but there are a lot of different sex positions out there. If you’re looking to rekindle the excitement and thrill in your sex life, try any of these positions. If you find that appealing, read on.

Pile Driver

One benefit of holding the posture of “Pile Driver” is that it allows for deep penetration. The receiving partner is well-positioned to see the entire length of your partner’s strap-on or penis. Additionally, you are being penetrated at a downward angle, which provides amazing sensations that are impossible to experience in any other position.

The giving partner, meanwhile, has complete leverage to dig as far and as hard as they can. This is a novel sex position that you should try because they have total control over the pressure and depth of entry. It calls for some stamina from the penetrating partner as well as some suppleness from the receiving partner.

Wheel Barrow

Wheelbarrow is a playful, carefree sex position in every way. Introducing a fun new position, like the wheelbarrow, is a great way to keep things light and still delightful in the bedroom.

When in this posture, one person supports themself with their hands, and the other partner holds their legs and stimulates them. If you engage in anal sex, the recipient will feel stimulation not only in their G-spot but also in their anus. You will experience a new sensation of gaining pleasure from being elevated above the ground when you are in this position. When experimenting with different sexual positions, that is an excellent quality to look for in your partner.

Carry Me

Carry Me is a sex position that has recently emerged and is just waiting to be experienced. It’s a simple sex position with lots of potential for escalation. It’s the perfect way for women to live out their “carrying fantasies” from literature and movies.

This is the most romantic possible position for two people to be in, as they are touching every part of each other’s bodies. When people are confronting one another, there is lots of room for g spot stimulation. And the only thing the person on the bottom needs is a little strength in their upper body to pull it off.

Cross Booty

When you just want to take things easy, try the new cross booty sex position. The partner lies on top of you while you’re both lying on the floor. Even if it’s not as angular as the missionary style, there’s still a lot of variety to be had. This is a hilarious sex position that belongs on any list of the best sex positions.

The person on top of you comes in at an angle, so that the two of you make the shape of a ‘X’ with your bodies. This is helpful for stimulating the g spot as well as the clitoral area. You are in one of the best sex positions to try if you want to make the least amount of effort possible while yet managing to keep things interesting and new.


The spider sex position is the way to go if you want to step up the level of weirdness and craziness in your sexual encounters. When we are seated in close proximity to one another, it creates a very special and unusual opportunity for conversation. To achieve the spider stance, you do not need to get into a particularly difficult pose.

he number one benefit of being in Spider is hitting the g spot of your partner. You can easily use your free hands to stimulate your partner’s clitoris, adding to a more pleasurable sensation.

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