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Things to consider when Purchasing Sex Toys

Sexuality educator lists 7 things to consider before buying sex toys.

An expert in sexuality education offers the definitive  covering everything from comprehending the various types of sex toys to emphasising safety above all else.

After using a sex toy, some claim, you never forget what you really desire from your spouse. Others find the various benefits of sex toys to be simply too good to be true; they much prefer the messy, awkward, and occasionally only partially satisfying pleasure of actual sex.

Globally, the sex toy market generated about $49,705.7 million last year, with the pandemic playing a larger role in the growth than other factors. There are no surprises. The legality of purchasing a sex object in India is at best hazy. Nevertheless, there are openly selling sex devices at several markets in Mumbai (the Flora fountain area) and Delhi (Palika Bazaar).

1. Do your research

As with purchasing any product, it’s vital to familiarise yourself with all of the sex toy’s features.

“Dildos and “G spot” vibrators are made for internal vaginal stimulation,” claims Mangaldas. “Clitoral stimulators and wand vibrators are intended for external clitoral stimulation.” Dual-action toys that may simultaneously stimulate the inside and the outside include vibrators in the “rabbit” design.

2. Sex toys are for everyone

Sex toys are also rather democratic, as are all good things in the world of pleasure. If the first image that comes to mind when you think of a sex toy is merely a large dildo, you need to utilise your imagination more creatively because the truth is most definitely not like that.

Everything from prostate massagers to masturbation sleeves are available for those who have penises, the woman claims. “There are also butt plugs that anyone can use, as well as toys for couples like cock rings that can be worn by a penis owner and also provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse, or bluetooth enabled toys that allow partners to participate in each-pleasure other’s using a mobile app, which can be fun for virtual intimacy if you’re in a long-distance relationship,” the author continued.

3. Prioritise safety

Use the same level of caution while purchasing a sex toy as you would when telling the waiter about your allergies to peanuts and shrimp. Yes, they come in a variety of shapes, but they also have a variety of materials.

Mangaldas advises that if the toy is an insertable toy, “be sure the item is constructed of a body safe substance.” “Since silicone is less porous and more hygienic than plastic, it is clearly superior. Because they may last forever, are very simple to maintain clean, and can enable exciting new sensations like temperature play, high quality glass and steel toys are also an entire world unto themselves that are worth exploring.

4. Don’t forget (lots of) lube

Regardless of whether we purchase sex gadgets or not, we must thoroughly internalise this proverb. When engaging in self-pleasure with sex toys or using lubrication improperly, a significant portion of terrible sex results.

5. Never lose sight of cleanliness

While terms like messy and juicy are frequently used to describe a hot session in bed, the same may not, at least not literally, apply when you’re utilising sex toys.

“It’s crucial to keep your toys clean,” explains… Therefore, pick toys that are easy to clean before and after usage so that you can use them in the shower as well.

6. Choose batteries wisely

notes that compared to battery-operated toys, which you must constantly buy and replace batteries, rechargeable toys are typically more handy.

She continues, “And the rechargeable ones are frequently of superior quality too.”

7. Use toys together

Toys can also be enjoyable in coupled experiences, as stated in the statement “You could have a clit stimulator and a gorgeous glass or steel dildo.”

She does advise being particularly vigilant about completely washing your toys before and after usage if you’re sharing them with different partners, though. Additionally, use condoms on insertable toys – safety comes first.

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