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The best places for outdoor sex

Outdoor sex is as simple as the two words describing it. Instead of having sex on your usual bed, you try something exciting and adventurous by having sex in some outdoor or public location. Going public when it comes to sex helps you get out of your routine and gives the same sex a wild, sensual and sexy appeal. And once you know the fun outdoor sex offers, you may go hunting for outdoor sex locations often!

There’s one major catch for outdoor or public sex adventurers – you have to conclude your sexual adventure without getting arrested.

Why should you have outdoor sex?

In your lifetime, you must have come across several sex experts who must have given you steamy sexual tips, from how to make your partner scream with pleasure to antics that would help you keep the bedroom sex playful and irresistible. And all of those tips would work as long as you are within the secured walls.

But what if someone were to tell you that your sex would actually be that much more enjoyable (or even more) if you took it outside? I know that sounds incredible. And it’s actually true. A sexy outdoor make-out will spice up even the most mundane couples and light up their desires. Wait until you try it out. We give you the top 5 reasons why you should take the game out of your bedroom.

5 reasons you should indulge in outdoor sex

Having sex outside the bedroom can be both arousing and thrilling – the heat is on and you are also trying not to get caught. The pleasure, coupled with the risk of being caught takes sex to a whole new level, and you get to try some really different ways of making love. If that doesn’t make you wet with desire, what will! We give you 5 reasons to try sex outside – at least once, and we are sure you would want it even more.

It’s a common sexual fantasy: Well, who does not want to have sex under the stars or in a pool? Outdoor sex is a common sexual fantasy and it should be in your sexual bucket list – as simple as

  • To break the monotony of bedroom sex: Don’t you feel that it’s always the same walls, the same curtains, and the same stage for sex? How would it feel if the backdrop for sex was something different? Something that is not only beautifully set but thrillingly adventurous. Think about it
  • To try something wild and adventurous: The excitement in having sex with the risk of getting caught in the action makes the pleasure even more thrilling. If you have always been one for some thrill and excitement then outdoor sex is your ultimate game
  • Overcome sexual inhibitions: At times, you and your partner feel that something is missing in your sex but you can’t put a finger on it. You have tried every traditional and creative sex position but to no result. Maybe all you need is an outdoor sex experience
  • Memorable sexual experience: Now all those romantic locations you have been to on your honeymoon or travel tours have a special place in your memory because of your partner, as well as the geographical location. The same applies to your sex memories. Why not add more memorable sex experiences by trying outdoor sex in different locations?

5 tips to keep in mind while having outdoor sex

Whether you are a newbie couple who have just decided to give outdoor sex a try or you are old outdoor sex players, always remember some tips at the back of your mind.

  • Be smart about your outdoor sex location: Because you don’t want to be poked at by a police stick, harassed by lewd intruders or worse, filmed by pornographers in your private moments. And make sure the weather helps – sex in snow may be too extreme
  • Do not break the law: Exposure of private parts or engaging in lewd activities in public is considered offensive and punishable by law. Either choose a safe spot or be deft enough to cover your outdoor sex right
  • Always try a different location: Not only does it keep the excitement alive, it also makes sure that people are not getting suspicious of you. Take it to a different place every time you try it out
  • Always come prepared: Study your outdoor sex location carefully and come prepared accordingly to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, always bring a padded mat for sex where the flooring may not be smooth. Carry sex-aid kits with lubes, condoms, and first-aid essentials
  • Dress for sex: Wear clothes that can be easily taken on and off. Do not dress in complicated fabrics that may take ages to come off and rip the whole pleasure

Best places to have outdoor sex

Basically, you can pick any spot under the sky. But here are some public sex locations that you must try. And mind you, the experience will be something that will last a lifetime.

  1. The backyard: If you’re new to the idea of outdoor sex, it is probably good to try it someplace close, according to sex therapist Kat Van Kirk. Find a private spot in your backyard where neighbours cannot peek into and go for it
  2. The roof: Ever tried the rooftop? The open space, the breeze and not to mention the after stargazing makes it sound like straight out of a romantic movie. Head to the roof but only when the weather supports it
  3. The car: If you have kept tabs on movies and porn, then you surely know that back of the car is one of the most thrilling locations for outdoor sex. Especially when it starts to rain. Yes, all those romantic scenes from movies playing in the head now!
  4. The woods: Are you and your partner camping lovers? Then you should surely try some wild sex in the wilderness. But make sure you do not get bitten by bugs or insects and do it standing
  5. Deserted beach: The soft music of the waves crashing onshore, the twinkling stars and you and your partner on top of each other. Can it be any more wild and exciting?
  6. Underwater: How about taking it to the pool? Sex under the waters can be a major turn on but we careful since the condom might slip off. You may need lubes as well
  7. Music festival: If you’re looking for a place with a bit of glitz and glamour, you can try outdoor sex in an all adult music festival. Most music festivals have campgrounds where you can set your tent and jump into action
  8. A boat: A boat that is sailing can turn any couple on – but watch out for the weather. It’s okay if the sex gets a bit shaky, lends a thrill. Don’t get seasick though
  9. The aeroplane: The place where you are actually going high and ecstatic. The lavatory perhaps?
  10. The deserted corner of the library: Almost every couple has an inexplicable pull towards having sex in a forbidden library. The morality attached to sex actually draws couples more towards this place
  11. Sauna: Most public clubhouses and community pools have saunas that often go unused. You can literally have hot and steamy sex
  12. Movie theatre: You can pick a backseat and cut the moans. It is usually a preferable spot for couples everywhere. Yeah, the whole theory of corner seats high up in the corner
  13. Open field: While travelling if you come across a vast space of open field then you should definitely halt and fool around for a while. Outdoor sex in fog is super wild
  14. Inside a cave: Identify a cave by the stream and on a hilltop and get on each other, just like our ancestors. This one is an adventurous outdoor sex spot
  15. The elevator: More than you craving the elevator, I think the elevator craves you. The very place is simply magnetic. And the risk? Totally worth it
  16. The dark alleyway: This is definitely a risky, yet kinky place for outdoor sex. The darkness with the risk of someone walking by and screaming at you gives the whole sex a kinky twist
  17. The art museum: For the classy folks who prefer a vintage touch to their outdoor sex. Head to a corner that has minimum footfalls and get on some steam
  18. The graveyard: For those who run a bit high on adrenaline, and do not mind the dead coming alive to see the action. Yes, just kidding
  19. In a tent: If you are camping and are spending the night in the tent, do take the benefit and play some dirty games – but not to the extent that the tent falls down
  20. Against the tree: That is something that high-schoolers do, but the charm is nevertheless the same. Wrap your legs around his body and give your thighs some great workout as he works on you

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