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Top 7 Reasons Why All Girls are Naughty Girls

sexy girlsFew things capture the mind’s attention as much as naughty girls do. Those female celebrities we deem “naughty” get more press than anybody else in Hollywood. The girls in your social circle who come with the “naughty girl” label attached get talked about, competed for and with, and debated more than any other male or female. And everyone has a strong opinion on them – love them, hate them, or both at the same time.

What you may not realize, though, is why people are so obsessed with the naughty girls around them and in their media. Why is that saucy, spicy, naughty women command us to pay attention so?

The reason – the real, core reason – is because ALL girls are naughty girls… and deep down each of us knows this.
Some men hope that by sharing opinions unfavorable toward naughty behavior, they’ll encourage girls to keep a lid on it and be the “good wives”, as it were; other men hope that by praising naughtiness, they’ll open up a world of naughty, slutty, sexually liberated women for their own enjoyment.
And women? Women are a constant mess of trying to decide if they should banish their naughty side to the hinterlands, or switch it on full throttle and enjoy the ride.

What’s this mean for you? Well, if you’re a man, and you’re trying to act like that cute, sweet little angel you’re dating doesn’t have a nasty, naughty nymph lurking deep within her, you’re doing her a great disservice by leaving an important part of her unsatisfied. And failing to satisfy women creates problems for you, both in sleeping with new women, and in hanging onto the ones you’ve already got.

If you’re a woman, and you’ve been keeping your naughty side under lock-and-key, even with your boyfriends, well… you should probably think about reconsidering that… before you explode. There is great seductive power in naughtiness, and a woman who knows how to tap into her naughty, steer it, and control it is one who knows how to work men with the best of them, and consistently get what she wants.
Yet, in case you are not yet convinced, I’ve compiled a list of the seven (7) key reasons why all girls are naughty girls… and you should find each of these seven reasons every part fun, and informative. Here’s each reason, in no particular order.

1: They All Love Rough, Dominant Sex

Every now and again, we have guys post questions in the comments or on the discussion boards asking whether it wouldn’t be better to make sweet, gentle love to their women – if she wouldn’t consider this warmer, and more lovely, more respectful, and more endearing?

The answer to this is always a big, fat NO – if you want her to feel good, drill her so damn hard in the bedroom she’ll be walking funny for the rest of the week.

The most satisfying sex for a woman is not the sex in which you make her feel respected and cared for. It’s the sex that makes her feel down, dirty, and used relentlessly for YOUR own enjoyment. Women cum the hardest and swoon the deepest when you’ve given it to them with such lustful fervor that you seemed to have lost all control and flipped fully into animal mode, tearing into their bodies with passion and greed and endless oceans of desire.

Why is this? It’s for a number of reasons – some of them about you as a man, and some of them about themselves as women:

You’ve clearly deemed them to be incredibly attractive and desirable, to have lost yourself so fully in sex with them – and that’s the biggest compliment you can possibly pay a woman, and not one that is easily (perhaps ever) faked

Hard, passionate, lost-in-the-moment sex is great sex – performance anxiety isn’t even a thing here, and if a woman is at least somewhat comfortable with sex and the man has decent technique, she’s almost guaranteed a couple of hard orgasms

A man who puts it down hard in the bedroom communicates his own health, strength, virility, and ardor – and also that he’s pretty sexually experienced and gets lots of women (an obvious sign of preselection). All these things are signifiers to women of a man who’s passing good genes into her… which is exactly what she wants when she’s in the throes of copulation

Even if your girl is sexually inexperienced, and telling you to be gentle and soft with her and not to treat her like one of those naughty girls you usually pound out… if you switch mid-sex from gentle and nice to rough and dominant, you’ll witness the immediate transformation of her reactions to your sex from soft little moans and sounds, to heavy cries and breathy gasps, as she goes from liking it to loving it.

All girls are naughty girls, and they all like rough, hard, dominant sex.

2: They All Lie and Keep Secrets

Women are expert secret-keepers; they have to be, with the world as judgmental toward women as it is. Secrecy is a necessary part of reputation survival for women… even the nicest, sweetest, most innocent girl in the world has done something or had some thought or fantasy that, if word of it fell into the wrong hands, could be used by her female competition to undermine her image and knock her out of the game.

Women learn this from an early age, and they learn that there is little benefit to total honesty, and great cost and risk.

Sure, your girl will tell you a lot about herself. And there’s a BIG difference between a relatively emotionally stable and/or sexually inexperienced girl, and a girl who’s both sexually experienced AND crazy. Not only will the latter girl have a lot to cover up (a past that potentially plunks her mate value down too far for anything good, and an emotional profile that exposes everyone around her to undue risk), but most crazy people tend to get good at covering things up just because their lives are so unusual that most “normals” wouldn’t stick around more than a moment.
But even if she’s a calm inexperienced girl, she still has fantasies she isn’t telling you, daydreams she wouldn’t dare announce, and curiosities about other men she wouldn’t let on to you in a million years… and perhaps some other things.

Not all women are prolific liars (the kind you’ll struggle to spot even if you know how); some are, but most are only occasional fibbers, and some are anathema to the idea of lying whatsoever. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that even the ones who detest lying outright are no stranger to concealment… hiding away the things they’d prefer you didn’t know, and presenting their best faces for you to see.

This is without a doubt naughty behavior… and it’s something that every woman does.

3: They All Have Dirty Sexual Fantasies

All girls have dirty sexual fantasies… even the young and inexperienced ones. Just ask Nancy Friday (or Christian Grey).

Why is this the case? Mostly because humans are naturally curious, creative, imaginative creatures… and few things are we more curious, creative, and imaginative about than sex. No matter how much of a “good girl” a girl might happen to be, at some point in her life she’s been exposed to a variety of different thoughts and ideas about sex, and some of them inevitably pique some of her own interest.

When I say “dirty” sexual fantasies, I mean things like
Not every woman has every one of the fantasies – many women will only have a few of them they’re all that much interested in.

But just about every woman on Earth has SOME of them.

Even that pure little goody-two-shoes you who seems like she’d make the perfect safe good girl housewife… she’s got some down-and-dirty fantasies too.

She might repress them. She might not want to tell you.

But they’re there nevertheless… and there’s nothing she can do about them.

Except, perhaps, indulge.

4: They Want Sex Raw – Without Protection

In one study of sexual encounters in Britain, only about one-third of women used condoms during their first sexual encounter with a new partner. Condom use is typically higher among adolescents – where both the male and the female are scared, nervous, and inexperienced – and drops precipitously as men and women get older (even as STD prevalence climbs up). Yet, even then, only half of teenagers use condoms with partners they’ve just met. In fact, a teenage girl having sex with a man six or more years her senior is less likely to use condoms than one with a younger guy – probably because younger men tend to be the most cautious about condom use, the most in-their-heads during escalation to sex, and the least cavalier.

And once you are a skilled, attractive man with his fundamentals down pat, you will routinely begin encountering an even funnier phenomenon – women actively asking you not to strap up, or even taking condoms out of your hands and tossing them away.

They don’t want you to use them. Why not?

The rationale most women will give you is that it doesn’t feel as good. But that’s just part of the reason. The full list is:

Sex doesn’t feel as good with a piece of latex between the parties

Sex doesn’t seem as real with that latex barrier between the parties

Putting on a condom kills the spontaneity, romance, and excitement of the moment
The biggest thrill of sex is the danger and risk of pregnancy, and also the excitement of pregnancy – if you’re an attractive man, at some level, she wants your seed in her
This, as anyone working to teach others how to avoid STDs and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies will tell you, is very naughty behavior.

Yet, every woman wants this.

Even the germaphobe girls. Even the super rational, cautious ones.

Those girls like to play it safe, and mind their risks… but in those times when you blast past their risks, and bring them to their emotional heights, and give it to them raw and unprotected, they reach levels of excitement you just won’t see when giving it to them from behind a latex shield.

For all the efforts to stay safe, clean, and smart, in their hearts, all girls are naughty girls who love it raw more than anything else.

5: They All Love the Feeling of Being Desired

Why do women love rough, dominant, passionate, no-holds-barred sex?

Why do they want you to tear into them raw, and never mind protection?

One of the chief contributing reasons is that women ALL love the feeling of being desired. A woman’s #1 most important emotional need is to feel desired at all times.

Men have a similar need too – men need to feel useful. A man who feels like his existence is genuinely useful to other human beings tends to feel like a complete person.

But for a woman, it isn’t usefulness she craves. It’s desire. She wants to be wanted. And the more desirable the man who does the wanting, the more fully satisfied she feels in being wanted by him.

What being desired says to a woman is, “You have a place in this world.” It says, “You are accepted, approved of, and safe.” It tells her she is doing things right with her life.

If you don’t think this is naughty, self-focused, rule-breaking behavior, just take a gander at all the messages being beamed into the skulls of the modern Western woman today, and how well women’s core need meshes with these:

You must be independent
You have to be self-reliant
You don’t need a man to feel good
You need to beat men at their own usefulness game

6: They All Get Off on Doing the Forbidden

One of the first things you learn about running relationships is to never say “no” to a girl – because forbidding her to do something only makes her want to do it more.

Woman’s love affair with the forbidden stretches back as far as recorded history, and mythology – from Pandora opening the pithos given to her by Zeus under instruction never to open it, unleashing all evil upon the world, to Eve, picking a forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, then eating of it and giving it to her mate, Adam, casting them both out of Eden and into a world filled with suffering and death.

The message of the world’s religions seems to constantly be: “Damn women, we keep telling them to keep their hands out of the cookie jar, but they keep reaching in and messing the whole thing up.”
Women have always pursued those things they are not supposed to want, and done those things they are instructed not to do.

Men do this too, to some extent… but women seem to hold the trump card on lusting after the forbidden. The philosophy of woman is “Try out that thing you’re not supposed to try, and if anyone finds out, just cry and say you didn’t expect to happen what happened, and that it wasn’t even your fault anyway.”

For this reason, women – those curious, inquisitive, adventurous creatures – are very naughty girls. All of them. Naughty.

7: They Think and Talk About Sex All the Time

Sometimes you will hear women accuse men of being “pigs” or “perverts.”

I dare say this is more a case of projection than anything.

Spend too much time with a woman, and you will soon find yourself going crazy from too much talk about sex – everything from the explicit, like a steamy novel she read, or some woman’s sexual exploits encoded in book or blog form, or porn she watched because she was “just curious”, to the implicit, like the latest celebrity gossip about who is dating (read: sleeping with) whom, what new scandal that slutty girl from work got herself into, and isn’t it funny that Greg, the guy who used to chase after her, still sends her text messages now and then (read: still wants to jump her bones)?

Women’s conversation, boiled down, translates to “Sex, sex, sex, sex, SEX!”

They spend their free time watching television shows about women juggling sexual and potential sexual relationships with a variety of men, then go out to parties where they engage in some of these themselves, then meet up with girlfriends over brunch and mimosas the next day to discuss more of the latest gossip about who is boinking whom (and, possibly, do any reputation damage control they need to do in case there’s any gossip going around about them).

Even the more conservative women find ways to sneak sex subtly into conversation, sometimes spending a great deal of time lecturing other women or complaining to men on how they are supposed to lead their sex lives, going on constantly about chastity and fidelity and loyalty (read: continually trying to convince themselves and others not to indulge in their naughty sides).

And even the conservative girls still read women’s magazines and gossip rags that show them how to look more attractive (to attract higher caliber mates for higher caliber couplings) and be better in bed.
In one way or another, women’s lives all revolve around sex.

Which is not to say men’s don’t, either; men pursue status construction, wealth-building, and skill enhancement as avenues to get more sex and hold greater control over their sexual supply, ultimately. But at least in direct focus on sex itself, women outweigh men on the naughtiness factor 17-to-1.

On the pervert scale, men just can’t compete.

Naughty, Naughty Girls… All of Them
naughty girls
The fact is, women are just naughty… and you’d better get used to it.

If you’re from a more conservative background, this can be jarring, but it needn’t be.

Naughty doesn’t mean “bad.” It doesn’t mean she’s a nymphomaniac, who needs a new partner every two weeks and is totally fidelity-immune.

There are women out there like that. But the majority aren’t.

Naughty just means she likes things about sex and her relationship with sex that she’s not supposed to like. How can ALL women like things about sex they’re not supposed to like?

Well… mainly because society does its best to place constraints on how much of their sexuality women can safely express without causing the whole of civilization to come crashing down and become one big sex competition, with men killing and competing with one another for various women’s fickle affections.
And to some extent, this entails causing women to suppress their true natures.

But, the good news is that once you know what women truly desire, deep down, you have the key to unlock those desires… and unleash them on yourself.

You can become the outlet for all that repressed naughtiness a girl’s been doing her best to keep out of the view of polite society.

Which makes you quite a welcome addition to her life indeed.

So don’t lament women’s naughtiness. Embrace it. And be thankful for it.

Because, deep inside the women all around you, there are legions of naughty girls just waiting to be freed from the chains of social conditioning..

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