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health benefits of using sex toys for men and women

Sex toys aren’t just about having a good time—they can also enhance your mental wellbeing. But how, exactly?

They can help with body confidence.
Exploring and discovering your own pleasure points with a vibrator can help you understand exactly what turns you on. And knowing your body and what it needs to feel good during sex can boost self-esteem and help you feel more positive about yourself in general.

They can improve your relationship.
Adventure and variety are key to maintaining desire and strengthening emotional bonds in long-term relationships—and experimenting with sex toys is a great way to do that. Use them as part of foreplay to warm things up or to add a little spice in general.

They can enhance feelings of sexual satisfaction.
For varying reasons, sometimes our partners can’t always satisfy us in the way we need them to during sex—and vice versa—which can cause issues in relationships. A vibrator or other sex toy can help with this by providing additional stimulation, but be sure to view it as something that can enhance what somebody is doing rather than replace it.

They can help relieve stress.
One of the many benefits of masturbation—with or without sex toys—is that it stimulates endorphins and dopamine into our brains and bodies, which not only helps us deal with stress and anxiety, but also can lead to a better night’s sleep.

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