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Simple Methods for Getting a Blowout With Any Girl

Simple Methods for Getting a Blowout With Any Girl

There are very few things in the world that can compare to the sensation of having a girl lustfully look up at you while she is on her knees or in your lap, and then having her see and feel your member in her mouth. After that, grabbing her hair and moving her head around your lap while you sit back and enjoy the ride is one of the few things that can top that.

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This is the incredible sensation that you receive after getting a blow job. And despite the fact that having sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, there is something especially and unmistakably gratifying about getting blow jobs. But the issue that has to be answered is this: what steps are required to learn how to get a blow job, and isn’t it difficult to get a blow job? No, getting a blow job is not really difficult to do. That’s the quick answer. And so, in today’s post, I’m going to discuss the ways in which you might put yourself in a position to obtain precisely that. Here we go.

You Must Be love sexy time

If the thought of talking to a female about getting a blow job makes you feel awkward, or if uttering the phrases “blow job,” “head,” “dome,” or “fellatio” makes you feel nervous or blush, then you are not the type of man who can receive a blow job very often.

It does not matter how many times I tell you this, the simple fact is that in order to have more sexual experiences with ladies, you need to first become a more sexy person. You have to be able to convince yourself on a deep level that women are sexual beings and that they will only fully expose themselves to males who are aware of this fact.

Let me give you an example. A few weeks ago, I spent some time out on the West Coast with a person who is one of my closest friends. We were out having fun when we ran across one of his old girlfriends from back in his high school days. She was at the pub with us. Given that the conversation was very animated, it was only natural that it would eventually shift to discuss sexual issues.

And after that took place, his friend questioned him, saying, “So I was watching the Tyra show a few months ago, and she was talking about how it is really beneficial for your skin if a guy cums on your face.”

A remark like that would likely surprise most guys, and some of them would even start to feel very embarrassed or uncomfortable as a result. However, not the sexually active dude. Both my friend and I are sexual males, and we simply took it in stride and offered our opinions regardless of the situation. I informed her that I had done some study on the topic when I overheard a couple of my other female friends talking about it some years ago. I said this since I had heard them talking about it.

In addition, just so you are aware, sperm contains a compound called spermine, which is made up of a wide variety of anti-oxidants and proteins that are beneficial for rejuvenating skin and warding off wrinkles. In addition to this, it is loaded with testosterone, which is the primary factor in the development of acne. In this regard, it is clear that there would be advantages and disadvantages.

After completing our conversation on the subject, we then moved on to other subjects, some of which were sexual in nature and some of which were not. And that is how it ought to go if you are a man who exudes sexual allure. You need to get to the point where talking about sexual matters is as natural to you as talking about the weather. And once it is, there is no stopping you; the sky is the limit. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve reached that point, one way to find out is to discuss something sexual with a lady you know and observe how she responds to the subject. If she responds in an odd manner or feels repulsed, it indicates that you have not fully reached your goal. If she shrugs it off or provides you with an honest response, you will know that things are going well between the two of you.

Surround Yourself with Respectable Individuals.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to show you how to pick up men just so I can blow their minds!

Au contraire. You see, having the right male influences around you – in this case, men who are comfortable getting sexual with women and don’t have sexual hangups of their own – makes a big difference in your own ability to get women lining up (or kneeling down) to perform fellatio on you. This is because men who are comfortable getting sexual with women and don’t have sexual hangups of their own are comfortable getting sexual with women.

This is a significant topic that isn’t covered nearly enough in the discussions that take place on this website. If you want to increase the frequency with which you get a blow job, you should hang out with individuals who can already do it with a pretty high level of frequency. If this is possible, you should hang out with people who can already do this. Chase has stated on numerous occasions that the most important factor in the acceleration of his development was surrounding oneself with naturals from whom he could learn.

Being among people who are already strong at seduction can help one swiftly enhance their skills in all aspects of the game, including approaching, building rapport, obtaining the phone number, and even the capacity to receive a blow job. It’s possible that you’re communicating with the girl in an inappropriate manner. It’s possible that you’re not making your move at the optimal time. Perhaps you’re not living up to your potential as a sexually alluring man after all. But if you surround yourself with people who are already successful in this field, you will be able to achieve even more sucking-cess than they have achieved ;).

Never Forget That She Has No Obligation to You

Psychological Benefits of Sex ToysSimilar to having sex with someone, there will be occasions when you are on the verge of obtaining a blow job but everything will fall through at the very last second. You have to keep in mind, though, that the girl owes you nothing. Even though you came within minutes of her lips brushing against your private parts, this does not mean that she is obligated to finish what she started if she does not like to do so.

Consequently, you must accept the fact that, despite the effort you put in, there will be occasions when things do not go as planned. There will be periods of time when there is actual resistance. You should just give yourself a good shake, slap some cold water on your face, have a good laugh, and carry on with your life. It is inevitable.

But keeping this frame of mind is also essential in order to avoid feeling hopeless. If you make an effort to keep a sense of outcome independence, then the only thing that will happen is that your chances of being successful will improve.

getting blow job it’s not sex oral sex

oral sex blow jobMany women place a significant emphasis on sexuality. When you stop and give it some serious thought, you’ll realise that allowing oneself to be entered by another human being is an enormous act of submission and vulnerability.

The following is a secret that every man who wants to know how to get a blow job with any degree of consistency has to know: for a significant portion of women, having sex and getting blow jobs are not the same thing.

A significant number of young women just do not consider blow jobs to be on the same level as sexual encounters. Even though they are doing it for your benefit, many young women genuinely take pleasure in a good sucking session. And because it does not need the same degree of open surrender on their part as having sex does, they are considerably more likely to be willing to participate in it.

Some young women will even submit to having their breasts blown out without batting an eye. They will behave as though the behaviour is on the same level as making out, and they will partake in it. Therefore, if you want to put yourself in a position where you get a blow job more frequently than you already do, it is essential for you to refrain from building it up in your thoughts as much as possible.

When a girl puts up any resistance, I’ve known some people who work in the seduction profession to reassure her by repeating that “it’s not sex,” which is meant to make her feel better about the situation. After that, they are given a beating. You might be shocked to see how powerful a simple courtesy reminder can actually be. So keep in mind that it’s really an elaborate hoax. It is not a sexual act. It does not make her a prostitute in any way. It’s just fun and enjoyable.

In a Bar? Nothing to Shout About sex (toys)

Whenever I go out with a large group of guys, there is always at least one guy who, at the end of the night, begins to complain about a female who he may have gotten if he had tried harder. “But we didn’t stop kissing the whole night! I could not get the reason why she did not accompany me when I went home!

And I inevitably say, as I have on many such occasions: “You see, for most women, the bar is not a genuine place. It is a made-up location in which people can entirely let go of their inhibitions without fear of any negative repercussions, after which they can stroll back out into the real world as if nothing had happened. And as soon as a girl walks through that door with you, all of a sudden you transform into a full-fledged human being. And at that point, she needs to begin considering the repercussions of her behaviour as well as the more fundamental things she wants. The majority of females merely go out, dance for a while – whether it be a little or a lot – and then head home, content in the knowledge that many guys tried to kiss them and that they made out with a few of them (or more).

That is how the situation plays out for almost all of the women. And a lot of males have a hard time acknowledging this reality.

But even among the males who acknowledge this reality, the most of them are unaware of the fact that midnight promiscuity among girls can be taken to an even higher level. The majority of guys have the misconception that women are only carefree when they are making out. However, they would be mistaken.

How to Get a Blow Job: Just Build Attraction

What if I told you that all you need to acquire a blow job from a girl in a bar is a moderate to high level of attraction, as well as a setting that is only partially public?

That is exactly what I am going to discuss with you right now. That should be all you require. The fact that more males aren’t a part of the wonderful group of people who can receive a blow job in a pub is due to the fact that they really haven’t worked genuinely to become a part of that group. They are quite shy about obtaining approval from the female, or perhaps simply attempting to kiss her, rather than trying to pull her to a more private spot and getting a blow job done.

But here’s the thing: if you pull a lady somewhere she has the ability to give you a blow job and you smoothly advance things, then you have a chance of getting a blow job. I can’t promise that it will take place each and every time, but I can say with absolute certainty that it is possible and that it will do so at least occasionally. You simply need to take charge and see to it that things get done.

If you read the information on this website, you will get knowledge about almost all of the components that go into creating an attraction. There are a lot of different techniques to get people interested. I mean this in a variety of ways. However, if you are able to set the sexual frame with a female, have her play with her hair while lusting after you, and make her sexually aroused in general, then the path to getting a blow job will be that much less bumpy.

The most important thing you can do to make this happen is to concentrate on touching her, creating strong eye contact, relating sex stories, and structuring the connection in such a way that she is the one who is following and longing after you. Because if you do all of these things, then this won’t just be a frame anymore; it will actually be the truth.

At a Party? No Problem

sex toys in party

When it comes to getting a blowout, among of the finest locations to go are parties. It is not difficult at all to lure a young woman into a shadowy room or even a restroom in order to carry out the deed. You can also go that route if you need the task to be completed fast, and then the two of you can continue having fun together when it is finished. I am aware that a good number of people have engaged in this activity on a rather consistent basis while they were attending parties.

Playing a game from your youth is another another technique to pull off this impressive achievement at a party. When you want to become sexual with a hot female, there is nothing quite like a nice game of seven minutes in Heaven or truth or dare – especially when paired with alcohol – to start things flowing and get the blood pumping.

In addition, getting a blow job done in the woods or on a retreat is one of the most effective ways to spend your time. When I was in college, I used to be a part of a few different organisations, and one of the things that we did every year was go on a retreat together. And as sure as the sun rises in the morning, someone will always come back with the tale of their sexual antics. I have heard stories of men going into the woods to get a blow job; I have heard stories of them having a blow job in a hot tub, hot spring, or sauna; and I have even heard stories of them getting a blow job on tractors.

There is just something about the unusual occurrence that, when mixed with the isolation that nature provides, makes it that much simpler to get away with a blow job in these kinds of scenarios. Therefore, make the most of the mystery and the excitement whenever you get the chance.

When going meeting with a woman, guys frequently have a great deal of anxiety regarding how well they will perform. They want to be able to please a woman in bed and not put in a dismal performance due to a lack of ability, originality, or passion, or by ejaculating too soon. They want to be able to pleasure a woman. However, a significant number of males aren’t aware of the fact that women have the very same concerns.

They are concerned that they might not be able to satisfy a man in bed, or that he might not be completely attracted to them if they do manage to do so. Aside from that, they are concerned about the possibility that the man will not get off (or come near to getting off) if they give him a blow job. This is the case even if they do not engage in penetrative sex.

If you are a male who has received more than one or two blow jobs in your life, you have probably recognised by this point that the majority of girls are truly terrible at giving blow jobs. If you have had more than one or two blow jobs in your life, you have probably understood this. It is correct. In point of fact, the vast majority of women are not very skilled in this area. There are some that are just too weak and uncertain. Some people aren’t aware that having a large number of teeth in that region can be an uncomfortable experience. Some people pull and tug far too much than they should. Some are just too sloppy to be acceptable.

It is not as simple as some individuals may believe it to be in order to deliver or receive a nice blow job. And because of this reality, a lot of young women have a lot of self-consciousness over their blow job abilities. Therefore, if you get into a sexual position with a girl that you want to see again and again, you can choose between the following two options:

To safeguard her ego, you should give the impression that her blow jobs are fun.

Instruct her in the art of dealing blows to others.

The second choice is one that should be considered much more seriously. The vast majority of women are ignorant regarding the factors that contribute to a man’s sense of well-being, which leads to them acting impulsively and wrongly assuming that their partner is enjoying themselves. There are moments when it appears as though the man is taking pleasure in it. However, I would say that there are many instances in which he is not enjoying it quite to the extent that he could be. On the other hand, he is solely responsible for the outcome if he remains silent.

On the other hand, women strive to make their partners happy. Therefore, if you instruct her on what you find delightful and how she may provide the finest blow job possible, then of course she will follow those instructions and strive to make you happy. If you do not instruct her, then she will not follow those instructions. Many years ago, when I was dating a female, I first became aware of this fact. She did not have a lot of sexual experience, but she cared a lot about me and wanted to make sure that I was being sexually happy to the fullest extent possible despite her lack of experience.

So she asked me to describe the kinds of things that I enjoyed sharing with her. And once I told her, she immediately began engaging in those activities. She began performing them on a regular basis. And before I knew it, she was giving me some of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had whenever we were together.

An Amazing Blow Job is Unforgettable

I believe that, similar to a person’s first experience with having sex, every man will remember the first spectacular blow job that he’s ever received. The moments that actually stand out from the crowd are nothing short of remarkable since there is such a big pool of mediocrity.

Approximately six years ago was the first time I ever got a blow job, and it was just great. It took place with one of the very first girls I had ever hooked up with, although it was years after the first time we had met. The first time we met, neither one of us had a clue what the other was doing, so the interaction was clumsy and awkward. And then a number of years passed, during which time she had the opportunity to get some experience as we both went out on our own separate journeys.

After that, when we ran into each other again… it was incomprehensible. At that point, I had been able to get a blow job from several different girls, and I had also had sex with a few other girls. However… it was just like getting my hair cut for the very first time. She was able to get me to finish in little less than a minute despite the fact that I had a momentary lapse in concentration. And then, once I had fully recovered, she did it to me once more. I had no defences. It was just too pleasant an experience. Even to this day, I can still recall every single detail of it so clearly. Since that time, there have been a significant number of further sexual encounters. And while there have been a few women who have come close, none of them have been able to equal the absolutely fantastic experience that I had.

Even if the original girl is no longer a part of my life and has moved to a different area of the world, I will never forget the wonderful time we spent together throughout that encounter. And if you’ve ever had a blowout that was genuinely great, you know exactly how I feel right now – filled with a lot of wonderful nostalgia for the good old days. Sigh.

Some Girls Prefer Sex to Blow Jobs

I’ve met women, both directly and indirectly, who would rather have sex than give a blow job. This is something that’s happened to me on multiple occasions. Others view it as a greater act of surrender than sex (she is on her knees, your member is in her mouth, and she is not getting anything out of the exchange), and still others would just much rather have sex and get to the good part than mess around with foreplay. Some women find it to be a little bit unpleasant, while others simply do not enjoy the activity itself, while others actually view it as a larger act of surrender than sex.

And if you run into these kinds of girls, your only option will be to bite the bullet and have sex with them rather than getting your nose picked by a stranger. You will just have to learn to deal with the fact that it might be a little disappointing.

The fact that even first-time users can get a blow job is undoubtedly one of the activity’s many appealing features. It makes no difference if the female has never experienced sexual activity before. Because, to reiterate, it is not sexual activity. Your girl may be a virgin for a number of reasons, including the fact that she is just not mature enough to have sexual relations, that her parents have been putting a lot of pressure on her to maintain her virginity, or that she is a very pious girl. However, regardless of the circumstances, she will not relent in her efforts to humiliate you in any way, shape, or form. Even within the field of religion, there aren’t that many religions that will stand in your way if you want to receive a blow from a conservative female (unless, of course, she is a Mormon). But we’ll save that discussion for another time).

Therefore, you are aware that you can still have a blow job even if you end up dating a female who is moderately or extremely conservative, and it will be something that the two of you will most likely enjoy doing together.

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