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Reduce the Time It Takes Her to Have an Orgasmic Blowout Less time .

Create a Rock-Solid Sexual Orgasm in Just Eight Minutes

Since 2020, when I first mentioned the results I obtain with sex online shop, I’ve had men ask me to write about my methods on how to make a girl orgasm, but I’ve always rejected to write them down. They want to know how to make a girl have an orgasmic experience with sex toys
I didn’t mind telling you what I did to get a girl’s attention at all. Simply said, that is a procedure.
But sexual activity is an experience in and of itself. And I’ve guarded the knowledge of how to best provide the kind of sensual adventure that I enjoy giving to ladies with a certain amount of conceit.

My objectives in sexual encounters were the same as those I sought to achieve through seduction:

  • Strongly effective,
  • Highly effective,
  • easy to carry out
  • ¬†cost-effective in its operation

Once I started practising sex, I could give girls powerful orgasms in 10 to 15 minutes. I shortened it to 5 to 10 minutes.

I started having intense multiple orgasms from penetrating vaginal sex, the holy grail of sex performance for most men.

Other guys talked about giving female orgasms with their hands or lips. Laughed. With ME, they orgasmed.

Because sex is the great differentiator, I didn’t want to discuss it. If everyone knows how to do what I do in the sack, those rip-roaring orgasms I just gave her aren’t so remarkable… she can receive it from anyone.

No matter how plain or simple you make something for someone, if it needs work, most men won’t utilise it.

These tactics will improve your sex, women, and relationships forever.

Men rarely bother.

I’ll show you how to make girls orgasm hard, fast, and several times using only your member – and a little work.

Mind blowing sex for beginners

I like to begin articles like this one with some theory, so that you can understand a) WHY we’re doing things a certain way, and not another way, and b) how to improve on them yourself, as well as how to change courses and improvise on the fly when you find yourself in novel situations that I haven’t discussed in an article. In general, I like to begin articles like this one with some theory, so that you can understand a) WHY we’re doing things a

If you have a solid understanding of the theory, you won’t need a whole lot of other things in the end.Therefore, here is the information you need to know about sex that almost no one tells you (because almost no one is aware), and that is the single most important factor in determining whether or not you are just average at sex or whether or not you are a rock star in bed.

Sex Fundamentals

Just like attractiveness and seduction have fundamentals that make them easy, so does sex.

I learned most sex basics as a teen without having sex. At the time, I was stuck by my social phobia without friends, girlfriends, or lovers, so I wanted to make sure a female I admired never left.

I knew sex was important.

Orgasming a female. Orgasms.

Growing up, I heard that sex is vital, but the link between two individuals is more important. From what I could discern from people’s actual relationships, sex seemed all-important.

It seemed crucial.

If a guy offered her amazing sex, she’d keep going back for more.

Or, she may believe a person is great, but if he can’t perform, she’ll leave him for another man who can.

Studying. I had to be amazing at sex right away.

I wanted to recover fast.

I learnt to manually, orally, and anally give ladies orgasms. First time I offered a girl oral sex, she orgasmed rapidly and labelled me a liar for saying I was unskilled. After that “lying,” she never trusted me again. She informed me no one gets that good from a video.

I mostly investigated vaginal orgasms.

I found the “G-spot” information very confusing. I didn’t know where it was or what to do with it (I’ve never sat down to figure this out… Ricardus discusses it in his article on being a good lover, and it seems instructive).

Based on what I’d read and studied, these were the basics of sex:

Drive is essential – The mental and emotional aspects of sex are just as important as the physical. Women had the best times of their lives with passionate men, and I am one of the most emotionless people you will ever meet. In order to understand how to feel genuine emotion, I understood I had to first fake it.

Increase your amount of physical touch – In addition, I thought it was crucial to make as much skin-to-skin contact as possible, which I guessed would increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Having skin-to-skin contact with another person enhances the release of pleasure and bonding hormones, making sex feel more intimate and less clinical.

It’s not enough to just stimulate the vaginal area the clitoral – area must also be stimulated. I kept reading that women hoped more men would stimulate their clitoris during sex but that most men were unaware of the importance of doing so. The clitoris, however, was external and above the vagina, and I preferred not to rely on my hands or mouth because of this.

When it comes to sexuality – only penetration counts. It’s not sex unless your penis is in her, just like she’s not truly your girlfriend unless you’re having sex with her. Despite the fact that women like it when men give them orgasms with their tongues, fingers, hands, or sex toys, they realise that these men aren’t as “manly” as those who make women cum with their dicks. Using your penis to make her come, rather of your tongue or fingers, is the best way to keep a woman’s admiration and desire at a high level, which is, in my opinion, the single most important reason to give her orgasms at all.

A steady beat is essential – Somewhere buried in the thick sex books I was reading was a focus on rhythm that was conspicuously absent from the lighter and more mainstream sex advice material I had been reading up to that point. Women thought that men who could dance well were more likely to be successful in the bedroom, and vice versa; once a girl went black, she never came back. Statistics showed that black males possessed rhythm, while white men did not. In addition, I discovered that good, rhythmic sex is a precondition for and precursor to orgasm and that women enter a trance-like state at this time. Men’s erratic movements and thrusts prevent women from entering this trance and reaching their climax.

Establishing one’s dominance is obligatory – Men should ask women if they want to be taken. I found out the hard way that asking her, “Is this okay?” or “Was that good for you?” are both signs of inexperience and make you look like a fool. A woman wants to feel secure in the knowledge that her man understands her body and her needs better than she does, so that she can let go and focus solely on the pleasure she is experiencing at your hands. You need to be dominant, confident, and sure of yourself when you instruct her or physically move her around.

Using your voice during sex is another thing I learned to be really helpful, as is squeezing and pulling her hair (when you’re behind her) and smacking her butt.

I had also read about the significance of foreplay, but I didn’t think of it as a fundamental because I believed that if you were very skilled at penetrative sex, she wouldn’t mind if you didn’t tease her for 15 minutes beforehand since she’d be too busy enjoying herself to care.

If I want a girl to cum faster and harder than she normally would, I’ll utilise foreplay to build up her anticipation.

However, it is not required in any way. If you are experienced in the bedroom, you may walk right in without any preamble and have her cumming hard in minutes.

Offering the Goods as Promised

I wasn’t particularly good at sex at first. Problems that I encountered were quite typical for guys.

  • Women were rarely climaxing with me (and weakly)
  • I found that I was feeling fatigued really quickly (even though I worked out)
  • Women would often start talking to me during sex because it was so dull.
  • But then there was that one day when I had to perform a miracle.

I had accomplished the seemingly impossible by being intimate with a stunning woman I’d wanted to become my girlfriend but who had previously decided she had nothing to do with me while on a group tour abroad.

She informed me there was no prospect of us having a relationship or seeing each other when we got back from the trip, and that she still loathed me and thought I was no good (I was going a little too far with the bad guy image then and hadn’t learned to balance it appropriately).

I tried to be nonchalant about it, but I really did know that if I chased her, I was over. In any case, I knew that if I wanted her as a girlfriend, I would have to offer her a reason to continue seeing me after we returned, and the only thing I could think of that may do that was sex.

Unfortunately, my sex skills were merely average.

After a final night of taxi-riding around town with her turned on and lustfully clawing at me, I brought her back to the hotel and tried something else with her. To keep the beat going strong and to provide her with clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously, I devised a plan.

Ten minutes into our sex experiment, she hit climax and hit it hard. To my utter disbelief… When I did that, I couldn’t help but smile. and kept on going.

And then she returned.

And yet.

Yet again.

After the fourth orgasm, she said, “I think you are the best,” with a shaky voice.

I felt like such a nerd when I blurted out, “The best ever?” She did not respond, instead resuming her assault.

Also, once more.

Also, once more.

After the seventh orgasm, she cried, “I don’t think I can LEAVE you!” and I knew I’d done it. At this point, her screams were so loud that I thought she was going to start sobbing, and I was frightened the hotel personnel would break down the door believing her limbs were being sawn off.

After two more visits from her, I was done.

We had been making love for maybe 20 minutes.

After that, we dated for another two and a half years.

Quick and Easy Ways to Induce Female Sexual Excitation

Over the years of discussing this sex position with close friends, I’ve only had one person show me a description of the same position, so I can’t say for sure if it has a popular name. I can’t remember that place’s name.

Not that I could find, however.

Nearly everyone I’ve asked to test it has said that it caused an immediate and intense orgasmic response from his female partners. My first friend to try it out didn’t realise I was in the house, but I listened to him make a girl scream for five minutes straight while I hung around in the other bedroom.

This is the position, which I like to refer to as “adapted missionary.”

The only difference between the above illustration and the actual posture is that, in reality, your hands would be resting on her shoulders rather than her hands.

This is not like working as a missionary in the usual sense since…

Protection for the arms and elbows – The standard missionary position has the male propped up on his hands and wrists above the woman’s body. To maintain such a high level of erectness requires a lot of energy, therefore it’s no surprise that this is a taxing position to maintain for long periods of time. However, when using your forearms and elbows as supports, fatigue sets in much more gradually, allowing you to keep going for much longer. Because of this, you’ll have a lot more command over your body, making it much simpler to establish a consistent thrusting rhythm.

Body-to-body interaction – The adapted version of the missionary position involves placing your body on top of the girl’s, making for a much more intimate experience and for her brain to produce more pleasure and bonding hormones.

Adapted the angle of push –¬† Some of my acquaintances who have attempted this posture have “complained” to me that they had less fun during sexual activity. This is because the angle at which you enter a woman’s vagina is quite “clean” when you’re standing; that is, there is very little in the way of your penis shaft, thus you get slightly less pleasure. However, this also means you can penetrate further, which means you can get your penis further into her vagina and stimulate the rear wall, which is where the most intense orgasmic sensations are felt.

Clitoral stimulation and pelvic stroking – Because of the way you’re positioned, the movement of your pelvis on hers stimulates her clitoris. Instead of an up-and-down action, like in a conventional missionary position, which hardly stimulates her clitoris, this back-and-forth rubs her clitoris constantly in an adapted missionary position.

The extra oomph you’ll get with a shoulder grip – The closer you get to climax, the harder you should push into her while keeping the same pace, the harder you should strike the rear wall of her vagina, and the harder you should rub her clitoris. The fact that your hands are wrapped over her shoulders from behind and underneath allows you to not only thrust forward but also pull her down. This effectively doubles your thrusting power, which is great news and also makes her very happy. Just try letting go of her shoulders and thrusting, then grabbing them and thrusting, and you’ll feel the difference. That’s a huge gap in strength.

The average girl in this position will have an orgasm in within 10 minutes, and perhaps even less time if they’re particularly enthusiastic.

This position is convenient because it takes care of almost everything except rhythm. When you get into a good rhythm, there’s really just one thing you need to pay attention to; the rest is effortless.

Expect four to six months of sex many times a week while focusing on rhythm to get your rhythm down tight if you’re starting out with conventional white male rhythm (that is, NO rhythm) like I was when I first started utilising this position. Once you figure it out, though, no one else will be able to make a girl orgasm like you. Ever.

intermediate and advanced sex tips

Let’s imagine you’ve mastered adapted missionary and are now looking for more techniques to bring your girl to a hard and fast climax as quickly as possible. What else is there to discover in the world?

In this section, I want to show you a couple of other sex positions that you may or may not have seen before, talk about how to make a girl orgasm with them, and review a few more tips that are generally going to make you better at sex and more adept at giving girls a sexual experience that is satisfying to them. In addition, I want to show you a couple of other sex positions that you may or may not have seen before.

Legs Over Shoulders

One of the more effective positions for achieving a profound level of penetration in a woman is as follows:

You can perform this move in a manner quite similar to the missionary, but with the knees of a girl crossed over your shoulders. This one provides you with excellent and profound penetration; however, you can discover that it is too much in the beginning of sex, particularly if you have a longer penis.

Advice for this matter:

Because of the strain you are putting on the girl’s legs, the position will get more thrilling the deeper penetration you go with the girl, and the closer you get to bending her knees back towards her chest.

Try this one out if you have a large or long penis, but you’ll often find that you can’t use it until your girl starts getting reasonably close to climax. Otherwise, she’ll find this position too uncomfortable and complain of pain or discomfort in her lower abdomen, which is a sign that you are pushing too hard on her vaginal back wall. If you have a large or long penis, try this one out, but you’ll often find that you can’t use it until your girl You can also discover that, despite the fact that she will have really intense and wonderful orgasms, she will, as a result of cumming in this manner, be quite sore afterward.

It depends on the girl as to whether or not she appreciates this role more than being an adapted missionary. Some ladies do enjoy it more than others do. Experiment with both of them with her, and see which one gets you the better results.

It is recommended to use the legs-over-shoulders position as a “finishing move,” meaning that after she is getting near to climax, you should move her into this position to increase the intensity of her cum.

Alternately, if you have already induced a few orgasms in her while she was in a different position, you can transition her into this one to maintain the flow of orgasms by stimulating her in a way that is both novel and more potent.

Pelvis Hoist

As I saw it, my first thought was, “Let ME try that.” However, when I looked about, I didn’t see any pools nearby.
So I had to make do with what I had; I couldn’t make a girl float without water, but I could do my best to keep her from falling over.

make a girl orgasm

The following time I was having sex with my partner, I performed an altered version of the missionary position by getting on my knees, grabbing her buttocks, and lifting her pelvis into the air. After that, I started applying forceful thrusts while holding her pelvis up with one hand and placing the other hand beneath each of her buttocks. Within a few minutes, she was cumming.

Since then, this has been one of my favourite positions for blowing females’ minds. However, in contrast to the adapted missionary position, this one is DIFFICULT and WILL tyre you out. You shouldn’t expect to be able to keep doing it for a long time unless you’re in incredible shape, but on the bright side, it’s definitely wonderful workout.

You’ll hear guys talking about sexting women while wearing pillows under their buttocks; this pose is like that, but on steroids, and with a can of Red Bull thrown in for good measure.

Advice for getting the most out of the experience:

If you want to increase the level of excitement you feel, observe yourself pushing into and pulling out from her. When your penis is visible in her vagina, the experience is far more visually arousing.

If you don’t mind the strain of keeping her lower body up with one hand for a bit, you can use your other hand to slap or rub her clitoris, which are both very delightful for her. If you don’t mind the strain, you can hold her lower body up with one hand for the entire time.

If you feel yourself beginning to get breathless but you want to stay in this position, have her hold her lower body with her toes or have her prop her butt up with her hands below it and her elbows on the bed. You can do this if you want to continue staying in this position.

You shouldn’t expect to get a great deal of personal satisfaction out of this position because it requires a significant amount of effort on your part, despite the fact that it’s a lot of fun and most women find it very thrilling.

On the other hand, if you truly want to show a girl that you know what you’re doing in bed and can deliver it to her in really creative and enjoyable ways, then this one is the one that will do the trick.

Additional Sexual Advice to Induce Extreme Lust in a Woman
The following are some more general sex tips that, when used together, will make it much easier for you to produce quick, powerful multiple orgasms in women than it was before you started using them:

Getting in sync with the sensation. One of the sexual trade secrets that I learned quite some time ago was that if you act in a way that is most physically pleasurable for your penis when having sex, your partner will likely respond in a manner that is most physically gratifying for them as well. If you thrust in one direction, she’ll appreciate it; if you thrust in the other direction, the one that feels more comfortable to you, she’ll love it. If you put your attention on enhancing your own sensation, you will also enhance hers.

Dishonest discussion about the most important aspects. I’m not much of a talker during sex most of the time (although I did mention one use for this when a girl’s been giving you trouble in the “Am I still…?” thread on the discussion boards), but one time I do enjoy using it is in amplifying a girl’s pleasure and helping her achieve orgasm more quickly on the high points. I do this by asking her questions about what she’s feeling and what she’d like to do next. You can ping her with a, “Your pussy feels so good,” or a, “You love my hard cock inside of you,” as you thrust into her (of course, said in a very sexy voice), and then watch/listen to her peak even higher. Just as she appears to be reaching the peak of her enjoyment, you can ping her with one of these phrases.

Joking about with her genitalia. Playing about in or around a woman’s anus, which is a very sensitive part of the body, will make her more excited (and bring her closer to having an orgasmic experience), and this will get you that much closer. When you are having sex with a girl from behind (doggy style), you can run your hand along her inner buttocks, just near her anus. If you really want to drive her hard, use your thumb to start dipping into and out of her anus, and stick it in and play around with it. When you are having sex with a girl from behind (doggy style), you can run your hand along her inner buttocks, just near her anus. The combination of your thumb being inserted into her anus and your penis being pushed into and out of her vagina will send her completely insane.

Doggy style erections or sex from behind. If she is about the same height as you, having sex from behind can be a highly effective method for inducing orgasms. On the other hand, if she is significantly shorter than you, it will be more challenging for you to get the desired result using this method. Make use of beds and sofas in order to achieve the right viewing angle. While some women have no trouble initiating an orgasm from this position, others do. Doggy style causes the vagina to tighten, which is a good thing; however, it can also lead to chafing if you stay in the position for more than 5 to 10 minutes and are having hard, rough sex without lubrication. For this reason, you should always keep a bottle of lubricant or petroleum jelly handy, just in case.

Sex that is rough and includes yanking hair and biting. A surprising amount of women really enjoy rough sex, which can include things like lightly biting them or grabbing a fistful of their hair (which is easiest while having sex from behind) and jerking it backwards with force. This type of sex can be quite satisfying for certain women. Choking can be some of the roughest and most enjoyable sex, because cutting off the oxygen flow to the brain heightens the sensation of climaxing. However, I personally won’t touch this one myself, even though I’ve had a few girls request it, because a few people die from this every year in freak accidents, and there are enough other ways to heighten her enjoyment that you probably don’t need to risk giving her an aneurism. During sexual activity, tugging her hair and biting her are both enjoyable activities, as is slapping her buttocks or breasts.

Increasing one’s level of anticipation and satisfaction through the use of foreplay. For someone like me, who is more of a “let’s get to it” type of guy and doesn’t particularly enjoy foreplay, I try to limit how often I engage in it. However, if you are skilled at foreplay, you can really make a woman yearn for you. After an extended period of foreplay, I’ve been able to induce some of the most potent orgasms in women. For instance, while we were riding around in the back of a taxi making out and teasing her sexually, etc., before we were finally able to get alone and get to it, some of the women I’ve slept with have experienced some of the most intense orgasms they’ve ever had. The more you get her excited about the act, the more explosive it will be for her when you finally get inside and start working on her.

Alternating between different experiences. When I was discussing the principles of sex earlier, one of the fundamentals that I emphasised was that you should optimise skin-to-skin contact. The more of your body that touches hers, the better the enjoyment will be. Switching from adapted missionary to sex from behind, and then taking your hands off her completely so that the only part of your body she’s touching at all is your penis in her vaginal opening, is an example of something you can do for variety during the act that heightens pleasure by way of contrast. Another thing you can do for variety during the act is going from a very high contact position to a minimal contact position (and your hips against her buttocks when you thrust forward into her). Once she is accustomed to that position, you can turn her on her back again and go back to adapted missionary, and again the shock of suddenly maximal skin-to-skin contact sends waves of delight through her body as well. The difference in sensation is significant, and it increases her pleasure. Once she is acclimated to that position, however, you can turn her on her back again and go back to adapted missionary.

Bringing her to the point of orgasm without actually seducing or possessing her in any way. It was necessary for me to be a “break taker” while I was growing skilled at sex because I needed to prevent myself from cumming too quickly and also because I needed to take a break if I started feeling a little bit fatigued. Just ease up on the pushing and relax, the woman still has her penis inside of her. What I did notice, however, was that if I routinely got a girl just to the point of climaxing, then had to stop because I was about to finish before she was, then started up again once I’d calmed down a bit… then had to stop again, just short of her orgasming… then finally brought her to orgasm after all of this build up, the orgasms she’d experience were extremely powerful – comparable to what you’d get with some pretty good The effect is made far more intense by bringing her to the point of orgasming, then not allowing her to orgasm, then bringing her to the point of orgasming again, then not allowing her to orgasm, and then finally bringing her there.

Open sexual activity You can have even mediocre sex, but if you have it in public, it can be very exciting and pleasurable for many women. This is because of the uncertainty, excitement, and anticipation of not knowing if they’ll be caught, if they’ll get in trouble, and who, if anyone, will see them engaging in sexual activity in public. This can make even mediocre sex very exciting and pleasurable. For more information on where to go and how to make this happen, have a look at the post that was written about sex logistics.

You can use some of these, a bunch of these, or even all of these together at the same moment if you’re feeling particularly daring and adventurous. Alternatively, you can use any of these on its own. That is up to your judgement to decide.

Nevertheless, each of these strategies will increase her enjoyment, as well as her perceptions of you as a skilled, incredible, and high-caliber lover.

What Role Does Quality Sexual Experience Play?
make a girl orgasm
The success of your romantic relationships depends on the quality of your sexual encounters. If the way to a man’s stomach is the key to his heart, then the way to a woman’s heart is through her vaginal canal.

Even women who had never been in love with anyone before and were otherwise very rational and unemotional people fell in love with me very quickly after experiencing strong, hard multiple orgasms from me in any kind of relationship capacity. This happened to every girl I’ve ever given strong, hard multiple orgasms to. It’s almost to the point where it’s become ridiculous; a girl may seem like a totally independent hard case at first, but after a few rounds of screaming orgasms, she’ll look at you with doe eyes and little hearts swimming around above her head. This phenomenon is almost at the point where it’s become ridiculous.

As was said when we were discussing horny chicks, incredible sex has a way of taming even the fiercest of lionesses into playful kittens.

It’s possible that you’ll reach a moment where you actively desire to be less successful in bed so that your partner doesn’t become too dependent on your sexual prowess (and then hurt). When I was still high on the amazing power of adapted missionary and telling my guy friends to try it out on girls, one of my more experienced friends at the time told me he didn’t need it… because he didn’t want the sex to be TOO good… just good enough to keep women coming back. When I was still drunk off the amazing power of adapted missionary, I was telling my guy friends to try it out on girls.

He was concerned that they may develop an addiction, fall madly in love, and cause unnecessary conflict in their relationship.

Therefore, exercise caution and responsibility when using the power to induce orgasm in a female. It’s okay to have one-night encounters as long as you make it the most memorable night of their lives. And while committed partnerships have their benefits, they’ll never be with someone as great as you are.

If, on the other hand, you want to transform a level-headed sometimes-lover into the type of woman who is jealous, possessive, and head-over-heels in love with you, then you should probably avoid blowing the minds of your casual relationship partners.

Incredible power? A huge amount of responsibility.

Make good use of it…

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