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Sex Types You Must Know and Try Immediately

how do you feel about sex? Intercourse isn’t the only example of what sex is or may be, despite the fact that it occurs in nearly every erotic film and television show.
To begin, I want to make it clear that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what “sex” is. “Sex is an erotic connection shared by people involved in the act of sex.”

When it comes to the definition of sexuality for one individual and another, the definitions might be rather different. As a general rule, “there isn’t one style of sex that is superior or more authentic than the other.”

So, whatever you conceive of as “sex” is perfectly OK, which is why open and honest communication is so critical. In order to play securely, you and your partner(s) must be on the same page. Consent is critical in all forms of sexual activity.

We’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent forms of sex for your convenience. Don’t be scared to try something new tonight, whether it’s oral sex, anal sex, or using technology for sex.

There are types of masturbation:

One of the nicest and most significant forms sex you can have is masturbation, or the act of pleasureing yourself. Your own genitals, anus, or nipples may appear to be being stimulated. An alternative term for the act of masturbating is “jerking off,” but it is more commonly referred to as “playing with oneself.”

For Step Tranovich, inventor of sex toy brand Cute Little Fuckers, the benefits of masturbation include stress relief, increased self-esteem, and the discovery of the sensations that elicit an orgasmic response.

Mutual masturbation

where you and your partner masturbate in front of each other—is growing increasingly popular, according to Crysten Curry, OkCupid’s spokesman. This may be due to the fact that it is one of the safest forms of sex and that it allows you to better understand your partner’s preferences.

Sex by Hand

According to sex therapist Tara Abrol, manual sex is also known as digital sex, fingering (for vulva-havers), or hand jobs (often for penis-havers). The genitals, anus, and other erogenous zones can be stimulated to achieve this effect.

Although manual sex is an integral component of your foreplay, it should not be overlooked because it has the potential to be a headliner. Overstreet recommends this as a “wonderful alternative for your sexual buffet so you can connect in a different way and find various ways to enjoy one another,” he says. To watch one another and create trust may be quite exhilarating.”

Sex on the Feet

Foot sex, often known as a foot job, is when you use your feet to make your partner’s genitals orgasm, or both. Touching, caressing, and even inserting toes into orifices are all examples of this.

Overstreet says foot sex is widespread since foot worship is one of the most prominent fetishes. “Feet, like other body parts, can be a turn-on for some people.


When someone says “intercourse,” they usually mean “vaginal intercourse,” which occurs when a penis penetrates a vagina. However, if a strap-on or dildo penetrates the vagina, it is called vaginal intercourse.

As a reminder, if this is your only definition of sex, it might be time to rethink your thoughts on the subject. Because 82% of women do not orgasm just from penetration, it is frequently necessary to include additional forms of sex during intercourse.

Curry recommends experimenting with different positions in order to increase the enjoyment of intercourse. Extra clitoral stimulation can be obtained by assuming the cowgirl or coital alignment positions. Having a vagina increases the odds of intercourse orgasms.


Tyomi Morgan, a licenced sexologist and pleasure coach, notes that outercourse is the antithesis of intercourse in that it does not typically entail penetration. If you’re thinking of it as a form of sexual intercourse that includes kissing and snuggling, body stroking and mutual masturbation, as well as dry humping, you’re on the right track.

According to Howard, erogenous zone touching, such as climaxing the nipples, also falls under the outercourse. It’s also worth noting that Morgan believes that outercourse can be just as satisfying—if not more so—than penetrative sex, especially for those with a keener sense of touch than the average person.

Sex with Toys

Toy sex, says Tranovich, is the practise of sexually stimulating your partner’s body with sex toys. It doesn’t matter what kind of toy you choose, you can have fun with it alone or with someone else (s). A toy is what makes “toy sex” an acceptable kind of sex, which is why it’s always present alongside other forms of sex such as intercourse and masturbation.

By playing with sexual toys, you can learn how to be more confident and knowledgeable about different forms of sexual encounters. Additionally, orgasming has numerous physiological benefits, including as lowering stress and improving the immune system, and sex gadgets can make it easier to achieve orgasm.

Oral Sex

Tranovich argues that oral sex, as the name implies, is all about mouth play. As a general rule, oral sex is when you or your partner use your mouth to stimulate each other’s genitals. “Going down on someone,” “giving head,” and “providing a blowjob (if the receiver has an open penis) are all examples of oral sexual acts (if the receiver has a vagina).

Our senses of taste, smell, and sight all originate in our face.” As Tranovich explains, oral sex “immerses our senses, heightening desire and making people more present in the act,” he says.

Anal Sex

It’s not just the penetration of the anus by a toy or fingers or a penis that counts as anal sex, adds Tranovich. There are many other sorts of anal play that may be explored as well, all of which fall under the anal sex umbrella.

If you don’t want to put anything within yourself, you can still enjoy anal intercourse, says Tranovich. So if you want to define anal sex by massaging the anus with your finger or a toy, then yes, it can be done.

As a result, anal sex can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, as everyone has a butt to play with! If you’re apprehensive about the idea, Tranovich suggests using a vibrating toy to ease your muscles into the process.

Don’t forget the lubricant, either. It is essential to use lubricant when engaging in any form of anal play because anuses do not self-lubricate like the vagina

Sexual Interactions in Cyberspace

Curry argues that virtual sex is all about using technology to have a sexual encounter with someone who isn’t physically present. All kinds of virtual sex can be found in the form of texting and phone-calling, as well as in the form of face-to-face meetings and parties.

Though virtual sex took off when the epidemic struck in 2020, people have been doing it for a long time—possibly in an LDR or even on a vacation—and it’s nothing new.

If you’re interested in trying this form of sex, a fun option to liven things up is to use an app-controlled toy, which allows your partner to manage the settings and make you orgasm remotely.

Sex in the BDSM

The abbreviation BDSM serves as a sort of umbrella term for several characteristics and varieties of power kinks. B and D are for bondage and discipline; D and S are for dominance and submission; S and M are for sadism and masochism,” he writes.

Because BDSM is based on a mutual exchange of power, the submit partner agrees to allow the dominant spouse to take control of various situations in their relationship. When it comes to the specifics of BDSM sex, it might include everything from putting on a blindfold to being strapped down and smacked with a spatula. Think of it as a combination of kinky and consenting.

Just make sure that you clearly communicate your boundaries, wants, requirements, firm limits, and safe words before you become involved.

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