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Options for Rejuvenating Your Sexual Life After Having Children

After you have children, your sexual life will almost certainly change. Make use of these suggestions to bring out the best in it.
When you and your partner are a twosome, sexual activity can take place whenever and wherever the two of you choose. But as soon as your family starts to expand, those afternoon romps in the kitchen and naked Sundays in bed will become nothing more than a distant memory.

After having children, your sexual life will almost certainly change, but that does not mean it has to end completely. In point of fact, it may be even more successful than before. Here are some suggestions that can help you get your sexual life back on track after you have children.

Flirt. Do you remember when you were first dating and how your significant other’s sweet text messages would make your stomach do flips every time they were sent to you? There is no compelling reason for people to stop flirting online. In point of fact, speed it up! After you have said your goodbyes in the morning, consider sending him a text message telling him how amazing that farewell kiss was or how much you like the shirt he is wearing. Share with your partner whatever pleasant thoughts you have about them whenever you can. There is a good chance that he will behave similarly.

Make arrangements for a babysitter for the daytime. During the day, arrange for a babysitter to take the children to their preferred location, whether it be a museum, park, aquarium, or somewhere else. Enjoy each other’s company while the children are gone; there will be no cleaning or laundry done during this time.

Stealthily move about. Take advantage of being able to sneak around when you don’t have a babysitter available so you can get things done. Show him some affection while you’re eating breakfast together, steal a passionate kiss from him in the kitchen when the children aren’t looking, or give him a glance while you’re getting dressed in the morning. It is entertaining in addition to being very stimulating.

Ensure that you have time for morning sex. A few times per month, you should set your alarm for earlier than usual. Even though you are both going to be tired, engaging in some foreplay is guaranteed to rouse you both. And after some morning sex, not only will you both start the day with smiles, but you’ll also be able to reap all of the wonderful benefits that come along with having sex.

Share your fantasies. Because having a child tends to break down a lot of barriers in a relationship, you and your significant other are probably pretty close at this point, right? Put your willingness to try new things to good use in the bedroom. Share with him the sexual fantasy you had or let him know that you are interested in trying out a new role. It is a turn-on to know each other’s secret desires, even if it is something that you don’t play out in real life, because it makes for an interesting dynamic.

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