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How to Take Advantage of Her and Fuck Like a Beast

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How to Take Advantage of Her and Fuck Like a Beast

Do you want your girl to scream her lungs out while she’s in bed with you? Or have the most earth-shattering orgasms she has ever experienced in her life? Then you need to educate yourself on how to fuck her like a beast.

Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that I was on my way to this article. (if you’ve just joined us, here are parts 1, 2, and 3, respectively)
Due to the nature of the society in which we live, women are drawn to men who are fierce. In addition, there are a number of actions you can take to hone that ferocity and make it a regular part of your routine. When you have accomplished that, you will have transformed yourself into the type of man that women adore: a man who is able to murder his adversaries and grab what he wants without feeling any guilt. It is the quality that a woman finds in a man that most piques her interest. It reaches down and pulls at a spot on her animal spirit that can only be reached by another animal spirit of the same species.

This need reaches its zenith in the most holy of all bodily unions—the one that occurs between the cock and the pussy.


But before we get started, a couple of disclaimers.


To start, let’s make the assumption that this woman is totally open to and interested in having sexual relations with you. Please do not attempt to make this into something that it is not.


Two, you need to back off if you’re being too hard with her and she doesn’t look like she’s having fun.


Third, if you are too hard with her, she might enjoy it on the one hand, but on the other, she might feel like a meat sleeve. Even after having incredible, primitive sex, you run the risk of losing ladies because they will discover you are not suitable for a relationship due to the fact that you are too wild and unrefined.


Last but not least, this is not the only method by which one can have sexual relations. You should try to have as much harsh, brutal, and animalistic sex as possible, but there is place for sexual encounters that are based on romance and playful antics as well.

Let’s go on to the next step now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

It’s no fun having a civilised sex life.

A bedroom is not the place for civilised behaviour because there is not enough space.
Seduction makes use of refined social abilities, but at its core, sexual activity is simply two wild creatures mashing their bodies together.
Keep in mind that animals do not reason; instead, they act based on their feelings. There is no other circumstance in which thinking is of less assistance than when it comes to sex.
If you act like an animal that is driven solely by feeling and doing, she will follow your lead.

The Animalistic Attitude

You are completely destroying her. This is not a romantic gesture at all. This is called a mounting. You have an innate want to bury your cock in her body and to exploit her vagina as a source of pleasure, and this drive is driving you crazy. Proceed at your own pace as you see fit. She is yours to dispose of in whichever way you see fit.

This mentality need to be reflected in every aspect of your demeanour. You are the one doing the ravaging. Be as devoid of self as you possibly can. The expression you should have on your face is that of an animal. When she gazes into your eyes, she should be able to see the psychopath that is within you. She is extending an invitation to your animal to come out and play by displaying her animal to you and making herself accessible to your cock.

She is the lady in question. Let her be the one who gets to be the cute and entertaining one.

To the Sound of Grunts and Growls

Growling and grunting are the appropriate sounds to make while you are fucking your woman, provided that you are not a motionless statue. I cannot tell you the number of different ladies who have confessed to me their undying love for me as I was cutting them apart in their ear.
It’s normal to feel ridiculous the first few times you try something new, and that’s okay. You will eventually adjust to it.

The Mark of the Beast

Bite her. Latch onto a large chunk of meat as you thrust into her. If she wants you to leave a mark or even draw blood, do it.

Even when not with you, she will still feel your mark upon her and feel branded by the beast in her life. When it comes to sex, she wants to be owned.

Restrain Her BDSM sex toys in india

BDSM is one of my favourite shows, although even it seems too refined for my tastes.

Why don’t you just pin her hands down instead of tying her up with fancy shackles and putting her in a headlock? One of my lovers in Spain mentioned to me how much she enjoys the sensation of being pinned down by me while I am having my way with her as if I were a bear. The name she called me most often was oso (bear).

Push her down onto the surface upon which you are ravaging her regardless of where you have her held while you are doing it. She will be stimulated by the sensation of helplessness (again, for those who skipped reading the caveats, this is assuming consensual sex).

Control Her Everything

Place your hand over her lips to stifle the groans that she is making.
In certain postures, one of my favourite things to do is cover her lips with one hand while using the other hand to cover her eyes.
Alternately, one of those hands may be choking her (keep in mind that they should be choking her on the sides of her throat, not the trachea; when you genuinely choke someone, awful mishaps can occur).

Look directly into her eyes.

If I’m not smothering her into a vulnerable and weak position where I can’t even see her face, I’m usually staring her in the eyes with the empty expression of a killer. If I’m not staring at her with the empty look of a killer, I’m usually smothering her. If she is not looking at me, I will tell her to, “Look at me while I rip you apart.” If she does so, I will continue to rip her apart.
Her expression of helplessness combined with excitement is priceless.

Pinning Positions

My go-to positions are ones in which I have complete command of her body.

Doggystyle/Froggystyle. This position allows for the greatest amount of penetration, second only to the piledriver. You are free to pull her hair, shove her head into the bed, hit her behind, grab her however you like, or slap her in the face. Because you aren’t looking at her, she may as well be a fleshlight rather than a human while she’s in that posture because it’s one of the most humiliating stances there is. This is a positive development.


Piledriver. Start by putting her in the missionary position, then wrap your arms around her legs, push them into her chest, push up from the balls of your feet, and go into the full Rammstein. Bonus points if you managed to suffocate her while simultaneously covering her mouth with the other hand. Instruct her to stare directly into your eyes as you carry out the action.


The Side-Fuck. I’m at a loss for any other name to give to this posture. Instruct her to roll onto her side and bring one of her knees to her chest. If she arches her back properly, it will make her behind seem really amazing. You may achieve the level of penetration that doggystyle offers, as well as the level of intimacy that missionary offers. When she is in this posture, it is very simple to suffocate her, pull her hair, hide her eyes, or muff her voice.


Air-Missionary. If you are able to machine-gun fuck a girl while holding her up, she will go completely wild from this one. Your power and strength are on full display as she feels herself becoming helpless under your control as you hoist her into the air and drive into her. You should support her thighs with your biceps while you hold her up by her buttocks.

Smother-Missionary. While she is in the missionary position, you should put your arms around her head and bring her face towards your chest using a Muay Thai grip. At the same time, you should mindlessly pound into her. It has a wonderful quality. I really hope that all men will have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of having a woman’s tongue violently lick their chest hair at some point in their lives.

You are the enormous, dominant power in each of these situations, which is something you will sense immediately. Having a girl on top is acceptable, particularly if you are exhausted; nevertheless, I’ve always detested it for the simple reason that she is controlling the tempo and is virtually boning you rather than vice versa. Having a girl on top is acceptable, particularly if you are exhausted. If she’s in first place, I’ll regulate the speed by nudging her up and down the leaderboard, and I’ll also make sure she’s riding like a pornographic actress. In positions other than those indicated, I simply am not able to get nearly as hard as I can in those situations. These days, the most domineering and forceful sex is the only kind that turns me on. That is made simple and enjoyable by these stances.

Both Ache and Happiness

Sex is violent. If someone tries to convince you that it is not, you can assume that they are not engaging in the kind of sexual activity that causes women to talk in tongues. When the two of you have sex, her cock is quite literally tearing her to shreds. Your sperm are eagerly awaiting the chance to infiltrate and contaminate her womb with your own life force, and they can’t wait. There’s a good explanation for why women groan and scream during sexual encounters: it’s not a particularly delicate activity.
When I first started having animalistic sex with ladies, I noticed that their faces were filled with feelings that were foreign to me, including dread and agony. They were also making a noise that was barely audible. They were neither wailing nor yelling at each other. They were making a whining sound.


I would come to a complete stop, pull over, and then ask them how they were doing. They would then stare at me in a perplexed manner before assuring me that there was no cause for concern and asking me why I had stopped. This threw me for a loop. Then it occurred once more, and then once more, and then once more.


“Wait a minute, they like it better when I’m acting like an animal. They don’t mind at all.


I had always been open to things becoming a little rough and tough during sex, but I think that up until that point I hadn’t been doing it quite right.


Men may find this to be almost illogical, but for women, the explanation is straightforward: they like it because they like it.


Additionally, it can be significantly healthier for you to do so. When I can control her like a ragdoll, we have the most satisfying sexual encounters. Heaven on earth is the sound of a lady whimpering and staring at me with a pained expression as she pulls me into her while putting her arms around me.


Therefore, you should be hard with her if she agrees to it. as harshly as you possibly can.


When I pulled out of one of my lovers not too long ago, I looked down and noticed that my cock was covered in blood. Even after knowing everything that I do, I was taken aback when she stated something like this: “A guy has never made me bleed like that during sex before.” This is despite the fact that she ended up being fine after going to the hospital. After that, she gave me a friendly smile and stated that she was eager for more. A few days later, she visited me when she was still in a lot of pain and explained to me how, despite the fact that it hurt, it felt really, really nice to be harmed by me even if it was painful.


In the heat of their passion, ladies can hardly tell the difference between the pleasure and the pain they are experiencing (in fact, good sex has an analgesic effect on the female brain; good sex provides pain relief). Although I don’t particularly enjoy being hurt while I’m having sex, I can’t deny that I’m a sadist. It appears that women appreciate the dichotomy in which I serve as the inflictor of pain and they are the one who benefits from it.

Their submissive nature thrives on being controlled by others, and there is no act more obedient than letting another person to injure you while revelling in their pain.

A Monster

It’s possible that you’re not seven feet tall. You cannot weigh more than 550 kilogrammes. You might not have a cock that’s ten inches long.
However, if you dominate her in such a way that she cannot escape your control, you can make her feel differently. Having any or all of these characteristics is helpful, but ultimately, a woman satisfies her need through her own thoughts. Your body and your eyes provide the majority of the pleasure that you experience.

In this regard, we were really fortunate to have been born males. We have the ability to make a significant impact on how women think of us.

This is one of the reasons why BDSM and sensory deprivation are so effective with women. By preventing her from moving and denying her access to her senses, you give her mind the opportunity to create a scenario in which a terrible man is ravishing her as she is restrained by the barest of straps.

If you follow these instructions, she will have the impression that a Hentai monster is attacking her.

The concept of Rawness as a Principle

Women enjoy it raw. Every time, having sexual activity without a condom feels more natural.

Women get extremely aroused by the possibility of becoming pregnant. The concept that you will impregnate her and permanently put your stamp upon her life and body with a kid is the sexiest thing a guy can do to a woman. A child is a living reminder of a man’s influence. In addition to this, if a woman lets you go raw in her, she is essentially saying “I want to be impregnated by you” because she is accepting the risk that she could become pregnant.

You will both enjoy it more once all of that latex has been removed from the way.

If you let yourself shag women in their natural state, you’ll find that your sex drive increases at the same time.

The following is a hierarchy of raw dominance that indicates where you cum:


(Do you remember my “Coup de Grace” technique from my bizarre sex series?)


Take extra precautions with this, as the risk of you becoming pregnant by a female partner or contracting an illness is significantly increased.


“These violent delights have violent ends.”


— William Shakespeare

She Longs to Be Put to Use

Women crave subjugation.
They yearn to be put to use, as well.
by a man who they regard to be appealing.
If a woman finds you beautiful enough that she is willing to risk becoming pregnant for you by opening her legs, then you should respect her desire and take advantage of her to the maximum extent that she will let you.
Make your enjoyment of her a priority.
In addition to it, you shouldn’t be concentrating on anything else.
This is not to suggest that her happiness is unimportant; rather, it should be understood as a side effect. You shouldn’t make concentrating on it a priority. If you properly know how to use a woman for your pleasure, to move and utilise her body for your own happiness, she will be delighted. If you do not properly know how to use a woman for your pleasure, she will not be delighted. During the last part of our session, I once provided a woman with what she afterwards described as the “largest orgasm of her life.” I never for one second had any reservations about handing that over to her. I simply concentrated on my own pleasure, and while I was doing so, she had an orgasmic experience that would change her life forever.

Giving this to her was something that made me happy to do. I have a deep appreciation for ladies, and I take great joy in bringing them joy.

But when it comes to sexual activity, I am primarily concerned with how I feel.

And because of that, women adore me.


Take Your Time

You will not immediately be able to do everything outlined in this article. Either you won’t be confident enough to try it, or when you do, women will test you and tell you they want it soft and romantic. For more inexperienced girls, you sometimes need to work your way up to the rough stuff, but as you get better, more women will immediately recognize your dominance and open up to this level of sex. If it takes time to work either her or yourself up to it, do not fret. Some things take time.

Go give it a spin. Tell me if you don’t get the hardest you’ve ever been or cum the hardest you ever have while ravaging her. I’m interested to hear the experiences of others.

Be savage. Fuck her like she’s your sex toy.

Unleash the dogs of lust upon her.

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