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Intimacy: Why It Is Important in Marriage and Relationships?

He thinks good sex is enough to keep her happy. Once the deed is done, nothing else matters, right? Well, that might be wrong. When we zip up and walk out of the room, we never actually ask ourselves, why is intimacy important?

She thinks he should stop depending on the act of penetration all the time to make her feel sexually intimate. He is totally confused and classifies this as yet another side of her enigmatic personality. She cannot make him understand that being lustful and horny aren’t the same as being loving and passionate. The same body he uses to assert his manhood can also be used to spread the wings of warmth around her and she is desperate for that.

So let’s discuss, how important is intimacy? When he actually holds her after sex, letting his skin sink into hers instead of limiting his pleasure-giving capacity to a bout of lovemaking lasting for some minutes, he is able to experience what she is trying to explain through sexual intimacy.

Sex itself is great, but have you tried staying entwined with your partner without a defined objective in mind? That’s intimacy, and it helps you explore a wider, fulfilling territory that sets you free to enjoy better physical contact. This is exactly why intimacy is important in marriage and in relationships. A profound experience of intimacy goes beyond having wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sex. It is a continuous, free-flowing, timeless unification of bodies – loving your partner with a sexual energy that does not necessarily include having intercourse.

Imagine lying in the nude beside your lover for hours in bed. Imagine the absorption of energy and warmth that makes her feel closer to you than before. Although there is no act of penetration involved, these bodies penetrate deep into the soul. Sexual intimacy is different from simply being close and feeling held by one another.

If, after a night of hectic sex, you feel the climax is not imparting the pleasure and bliss you need, try a sexually intimate encounter to enjoy an experience of a different kind, even if it is just for the sake of change. Do not think it is an attempt to divert you from sex forever. Take it as another sport involving your bodies and give it a new name of your choice to personalize the experience.

his offers revival of interest and the rebuilding of curiosity when they lie beside each other in the nude and discuss mundane matters and priorities and yet manage to have a break. He could plant an orgy of kisses at a particular spot of her body that had stopped being of interest to him – be it her nape, her earlobe, or her bosom.

Creating the right setting for a talk

She reads it as an act of pure sensual indulgence that was once available when they were in the phase of courtship or early marriage. Sometimes couples who discuss serious issues and end up fighting are often able to discuss prickly issues when they are enjoying a bout of sexual intimacy. She can slowly express her desire for a small holiday and he will not think of budgets while agreeing.

Creating the right scenario for having important conversations

If she tries this at another hour, his reaction and acceptance are different, as conditions apply. Fair enough to say that intimacy builds up an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and sets them free to discuss and plan and give a new direction to anything that matters. Why intimacy is important in marriage is all about honesty and even conflict resolution.

Unlike during sex, when men build castles to impress their partners, here it is different, as men respond to whims and fancies without trying to create a big impression about their power and potential. It is more realistic and hard-core. Just sex can’t get you that!

Tell him what you need

If your man is unaware that he still can make your heart go crazy with mere fondling and doodling on the body, he needs genuine encouragement from you. You need to show him why is intimacy important to you. He needs clear communication to explain the sensitivity nurtured while he stays entwined with your body, talks sweet, and makes you rediscover and relive the freshness and innocence of the relationship. A simple and much friendlier manner is just as important as the grand male organ glorified and revered as the single source of pleasure for women

Still wondering – is intimacy important in a relationship? Men should know that sexual intimacy is another effective way to touch the female heart and create a strong impression of manhood. But to really cultivate a relationship, a different kind of closeness is just as necessary. No matter how visceral, it is not always about sex but about feeling nurtured and taken care of.

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