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What kind of sex toy would you recommend for a woman who has never used it first?

What a wonderful topic, and one that I am frequently asked at pop-up events and on social media. I inquire as to what they hope to gain from using the product and they respond positively.

Are you seeking for solo play or do you want to play with a partner or with a group of friends?

Is it more important to you to start slowly or to dive right in?

After I figure out what they’re going to do, I can make recommendations. If they’re going to start slowly, I’d suggest trying a little bullet with at least four functions to work your way up to a new plateau. I enjoy informing them of the numerous applications for which the product can be used. It’s not just for the clitoral region; you might want to experiment with it on your nipples, inner thighs, or wherever else you feel lovely. I demonstrate a few little goods from which they might choose if they believe the bullet is too small for them, products such as:

 Type of products

Miniature wands

Vibrating lipsticks and mascaras are available. small vibroter

air pulses or suction vibes are two examples of this.

People are becoming more open to vibrators as a result of social media, and they want to try what they see others using. As a result, I want them to understand that not all items work the same way for everyone, so they should approach all vibrators with an open mind, understanding that they may not experience the same results as others have.

We can look at internal products or twin motor (rabbit vibrator) products that can target the G-spot and the clit at the same time for a more intense session if, on the other hand, they want to dive headfirst into vibrators.

Perhaps they would want to have a vibrator that they can wear outside without anyone noticing, in which case a lovely panty vibrator will be the best option.

I simply want to make sure that women are aware that no matter which vibrator they choose, they should always use lubrication since it is quite vital while playing with toys and that lubrication is for everyone.

Finally, remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to desire to experiment with a vibrator, which may be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations. (smile)

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