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What are the disadvantage of anal sex?

Anal sex is very attractive to men and women but it should be used very carefully, because with precautions, anal sex is mostly safe. Along with getting ready physically for anal sex, you have to read Mentally. The correct methods of anal sex give you complete physical satisfaction. Today anal sex is very common, but it is full of many dangers, because anal sex is not natural, that only natural sex is known as Vagina sex, so anal sex should be done very carefully. Anal sex most famous in gays people but all gender such as men, women or lesbians etc. We know that vagina is produce self lubricant but anal sex toy cannot produce any lube that why anal may be painful, Most of the people uses lubricant while during any sexual activity.

Oral sex and vaginal sex may not present different potential risks. The anus may not naturally produce lubrication to reduce friction etc. concerns such as injuries. So anal sex can be a bit risky, but we have seen that these risks can be reduced and anal sex can be applied in a familial way. In the early stages of anal sex, we have to go through many physical pains, such as experiencing pain in bowel movements, constipation in the stomach, and if you have a disease like a bowel disease, you may read experiencing blood.

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