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6 Ways to Upgrade Your 69 – Sex With adultsextoysindia


Let’s Make 69ing More Fun

Hey there! Ever heard of 69ing? It’s like the multitasking champ of oral fun.

Some folks are already big fans, doing it all the time, while others need a little convincing. If you’re in the latter group, stick around. I’ve got six cool ways to make this oral classic more exciting. But first things first:

What’s 69ing?


Picture this: one person lies down, and the other is on top, facing each other (check out the illustration below)


Illustration of the 69 sex position

The top partner gets to go down while having access to the bottom partner’s private parts, and vice versa. It’s like a yin-yang of oral pleasure.

Why do people like it?

Many enjoy the feel of receiving oral pleasure while also getting a taste of their partner. It’s a sensory overload. Plus, some find the intimate and slightly taboo nature of 69ing pretty thrilling.

Whether you’re already a fan or not, these ideas can spice things up:

men-69 postion

  1. Use Your Hands

One common issue with 69ing is jaw ache. So, mix it up! Switch between oral and giving a hand job. For guys, use some lube and work on different areas. For ladies, try adding a finger or two – maybe even some arousal gel for extra sensation.

By the way, if you need a fantastic lube and arousal gel, I’ve got recommendations.

  1. Switch Top and Bottom

Change it up. If you usually lie down, try being on top, and vice versa. It not only adds variety but gives you access to different erogenous zones. You might discover new things you enjoy.


3Take Turns Being in Charge

Get a bit kinky. One person focuses on giving, the other on receiving. Introduce power dynamics, maybe even add a blindfold or some sensual oils. Make it an adventure!

  1. Use Sex Toys

Time to level up! Introduce toys for extra stimulation. A quiet vibrator can work wonders on the clitoris or perineum. Just start slow and communicate. And if you’re feeling bold, explore insertion toys for a different kind of pleasure.


  1. Make it Penetrative

Speaking of toys, 69ing offers a great angle for insertion toys. Vibrating G-spot massagers or even prostate massagers can take things to a new level. Just be sure to communicate and use plenty of lube.

  1. Try Sideways 69

Keep it easy and relaxed. Same position as regular 69, but lie on your sides. Use your free hands to pull each other closer for a more intimate experience.

There you have it – 69ing, upgraded. Give these tips a shot during your next oral adventure, and who knows, it might become your new favorite!

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I create a more intimate connection during a 69?

A: Foster a mindful connection by openly communicating desires and actively listening to your partner. Establishing trust and vulnerability enhances the overall experience.

Q: Are there specific angles that work best for an upgraded 69?

A: Experiment with different angles to find what feels most pleasurable for both partners. The art of positioning plays a crucial role in elevating the experience.

Q: What role does sensory play have in upgrading a 69?

A: Sensory play intensifies the experience by engaging other senses. Incorporate blindfolds, scented candles, or soft music for a heightened and electrifying encounter.

Q: How can communication contribute to an upgraded 69?

A: Open communication is key. Express your desires and actively listen to your partner’s wishes, creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

Q: Are props recommended for enhancing a 69?

A: Absolutely! Props like silk scarves or feather ticklers can add excitement and variety to your 69 experience. Experiment to find what sparks passion.

Q: Why is aftercare important in the context of an upgraded 69?

A: Aftercare nurtures connection post-intimacy, fostering emotional well-being. Engage in gentle caresses and affirmations to ensure a satisfying overall experience.


Embark on a journey of pleasure and connection with these 6 Ways to Upgrade Your 69. From mindful connections to sensory play, each suggestion aims to enhance your intimate moments. Embrace these upgrades, communicate openly with your partner, and discover a new realm of satisfaction. Elevate your experiences today!


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