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The best place to hang out in Chandigarh with friends Spending quality time with a partner

Chandigarh is well-known for being a city that has been meticulously planned. However, there is another side to this story. The city is a haven for couples who are looking for romantic places to visit near Chandigarh but don’t want to travel too far. Following are some of the most beautiful, serene, and romantic places in Chandigarh for couples that you would be delighted to visit, which we will highlight in this post. As a result, let us take a look at what those locations are – List of the Best Top Romantic Places Near Chandigarh Tricity –

  • Sukhna Lake Chandigarh:

Located in the heart of the city, Sukhna Lake has become synonymous with Chandigarh over the years. Sukhna is a serene lake that has become synonymous with the city over the years. People who are looking for peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of city life will find refuge at Sukhna, which has become one of the city’s most popular places for couples to hang out in recent years. There are many activities to choose from, including taking a leisurely stroll or taking a boat ride around the lake.
Garden of the Rocks in Chandigarh:

The second location on this list is one of the most well-known and revered monuments in the city, and we will mention it here as well. However, it is much more than just a monument to the people who built it. The rock garden is a wonderful place to spend time with your significant other while taking photographs to keep as mementos of your happy times. Aside from that, you can always take a camel ride or swing on those giant swings in the garden for some entertainment.

  • Kasauli Hills Station (also known as Kasauli Hills Railway Station):
  • Kasauli, which is only a stone’s throw away from the city, is the ideal getaway if you want to relax in the tranquilly of the Shivalik foothills. Plenty of wonderful places to eat, relax, and enjoy yourself are available in this area. The most appealing aspect of visiting here is the scenic beauty that you will be able to enjoy while on your way to the hills.

  • Virgin Courtyard is located in Sector 7 of Chandigarh.

Virgin Courtyard is the next stop on this itinerary, which takes you directly from the hills to your plate. An internet café in Sector 7 of Chandigarh serves coffee and other refreshments. The most appealing aspect of this café is its atmosphere. Although there are a plethora of cafes in Chandigarh that serve excellent food, when it comes to ambiance, there is no one quite like Virgin Courtyard.

Forest Hill Resort is a luxury resort in the heart of the forest.

Forest Hill Resort, one of the lesser-known places in Chandigarh for a date, is located in the Nayagaon area, approximately 5 kilometres from the PGI hospital. Forest Hill Resort is one of the lesser-known places in Chandigarh for a date. When compared to the claustrophobic establishments found throughout the city, this location is a breath of fresh air. Consider it as a two- to three-hour hike uphill to Kasauli or Morni, with no access to a vehicle along the way. The hotel is so large that you have to drive your car to your room from the reception area, and we’re not joking about this. If you want to have a quiet lunch or dinner with your date away from the bustling city, we recommend that you reserve a table at this restaurant in advance. The large, lush greenery will draw you in from the moment you take your seat, and the stage is set for a romantic conversation to take place.

Willow Cafe is a place where you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Willow Cafe, located in Sector 10 on the famous Geri route and the only cafe on the list, completely redefines the concept of romance. The bluish colour scheme of the establishment is pleasing to the eye and lends it a distinct personality. This cafe, which may be set up on two levels in what appears to be a small house, may be located. Make sure to request one of the tables on the first-floor open-air terrace, which are ideal for a brunch or lunch date with your significant other. There is an old-school charm to the establishment, which adds to the specialness of your date. The Keema Bunn and Apple Pie, as well as their divine Coffee, are just a few of the items that we have grown to love and that you should include on your list, too. If you want to make reservations ahead of time, Leisure Valley is the place to go.

  • The Leisure Valley

is yet another defining feature of Chandigarh’s romance, and it is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the city. The Leisure Valley is a collection of gardens that stretches over eight kilometres from Sector 1 to Sector 53 in the southern part of the city, making it one of the best places in Chandigarh for couples to spend quality time together. Although the various themed gardens throughout the entire stretch, such as the Bougainvillea Garden in Sector 3, the Rose Garden in Sector 16, and the Fragrance Garden in Sector 36, are considered to be a part of it on paper, it is the Fitness Trails in Sector 10-B that are most frequently mentioned when the term “Leisure Valley.” When you consider the surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere, the entire setting screams romance when you’re trying to have a conversation with your significant other or partner.

We think we found the best places in Chandigarh for a date, but we have to admit that we missed out on some really good ones. The Rock Garden, which is adjacent to the Sukhna Lake, is one such honourable mention that is popular among couples looking for a place to go on a date in Chandigarh. The Rose Garden in Sector 16 is also a popular destination for couples, and the number of visitors increases during the famous rose festival, which is held here every year. The only reason we didn’t include these locations was because they are already well-known when it comes to romantic places in Chandigarh, and we wanted to present you with a variety of options.

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