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Self-Love in Men

Self-Love in Men

All you guys out there, listen up! We often discuss how most of us probably received little sex education as children, and how the little we did receive might be quite restricting. That is certainly the case when it comes to masturbation, which occurs in people of both sexes.

Because of this, I decided to write an article with our male consumers in mind. This month and beyond, here are some useful reminders and recommendations that may assist you in discovering new ways to savour the pleasures of enjoying your own company. (People of any and every gender are more than welcome to follow along and read!)

  • Sex Toys:  People have a tendency to believe that all sex toys are designed for women, despite the fact that sex toys exist in a broad variety of types and forms. A vibrator does not have a specific gender and can make any sensitive place that is densely packed with nerve endings feel wonderful. And this only describes one category of sexual object! Don’t forget strokers, rings, nipple toys, dildos and more! These toys are not concerned about the contents of your pants; all they want to do is provide you with an opportunity to enjoy yourself.
  • Mens self love with own body:  For many of us, it may be the only thing we may truly own, and it’s certainly our longest relationship. Touch any and every part of it that you want. There isn’t a spot on your body that you could touch that could change who you are or who you are attracted to. See if you can challenge some of the ideas society has placed upon you and your body, and which parts of your own body you are allowed to touch and know. Maybe that’s your nipples, or touching around your anus for cis men, or your front hole for some trans men. Take time to admire your own body and the way it feels in your hands. Explore the scent of your pits, or maybe the stimulation of playing with the balls vs only having one area you go to. It’s all yours
  • A time of leisure, kindness, and discovery is owed to you: Although playing quickies can be entertaining, this is not the only way at your disposal. However, a significant number of us learnt how to masturbate in an effort to improve our speed and effectiveness. Experiment with playing for longer periods of time and spending more time deliberately discovering new rhythms. This can be accomplished by “edging,” which is moving closer to the edge of your comfort zone and then pausing to dwell on the sensation while you recover your confidence.
  • Lube penetration: You should be commended for the fact that you have some lubrication available to you. You are missing out on a big time pro tip if you believe that it is simply effective for penetrating, however. Lube has the ability to make any stroke feel slicker and smoother, resulting in longer and more difficult play. If you are using any kind of gadget, such as a vibe or stroker, this might be a very important factor in the experience. If you’re enjoying water whacking in the shower, you might want to try a silicone lube because it’s waterproof and won’t be washed off as easily.
  • Size is lovely & wants care & pleasure: Whether we’re discussing bodily size, height, or cock size, your physique is impressive! Try not to criticise or focus on your or others’ body aims or ideals; instead, appreciate the body you have now. It has carried you throughout your entire existence and will continue to do so in the future. Try to find some time to lavish it with affection and celebration.

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