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Relationship Sex: How Important?

Romantic Couples

Increasing sex in a supportive relationship has a lot of advantages. How crucial is sexual activity in a relationship? Positive improvements like lower blood pressure, less stress, greater intimacy, and even a decreased divorce rate are associated with higher rates of sexual engagement.We provide insight from the most recent studies even if there are no universally applicable guidelines for the best sex frequency.

This page also covers the statistics on how frequently couples have sex, the reasons why having sex can be significant, some potential advantages, and the importance of sex in relationships. It even discusses potential difficulties you can encounter as a sexual partner and what you can do to promote sex in your relationship.

Why Sex Is Important in Relationships

Is sexual intimacy necessary for the maintenance of a relationship? Yes. It’s not always necessary to have sex. However, it can be an essential component of a relationship that is both healthy and happy.

The degree to which a person places importance on sexual activity might vary from person to person. There are others who believe that being in a sexual relationship with another person is an absolutely necessary condition. Some people may believe that there are other forms of connection and closeness that are more significant.

Some of the reasons that you might feel that sex is important in a relationship include:

  • Getting to know your partner better
  • Giving your partner love
  • Having fun and enjoying sex
  • Wanting to have kids
  • Feeling sure of yourself and hot
  • Relieving stress

The Advantages of Sex in Relationships

Regular sex has a lot of benefits for a good relationship in addition to the advantages for you and your spouse personally. For instance, the oxytocin produced during intercourse increases emotional intimacy and the sense of bonding.

Sex deepens your emotional connection and level of devotion to your partner in a monogamous relationship. Couples are more likely to remain together when they have sex to express their love. Sex is therefore positively linked to a decreased divorce rate.

Psychological Benefits of Sex

Making love has numerous emotional and psychological advantages, and sex is significantly associated with a higher standard of living. Among these advantages are:

  • A more favourable opinion of oneself can be the result of increased levels of self-esteem and decreased levels of insecurity, both of which can be ameliorated by sexual activity.
  • Sex releases hormones in the brain that increase bonding and decrease irritation and unhappiness. Nipple stimulation and other forms of sexual activity both raise levels of the hormone oxytocin (often known as the “hug drug”).Feeling relaxed and content is easier thanks to oxytocin.
  • Reducing stress: Chronic stress has been linked to less frequent sexual activity. However, sexual activity has been shown to help people deal with stress. Long after a night of passionate sex has ended, stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine) continue to decrease.
  • Orgasms improve sleep because they cause the release of prolactin.

Challenges of Regular Sex

While having sex might be crucial in a relationship, there are several things that can make having sex more difficult. How often couples have sex can vary depending on a number of factors, including age, hormones, children, stress, illnesses, and marital issues.

Because sex hormone levels fall as people age, age frequently affects how frequently people have sex. Sometimes physical or psychological issues make having an active sex life difficult or impossible.

The intimacy of sex is what humans are designed to want. Lack of sex can cause partners to become distant and, possibly, search for other partners. Working with a qualified couples therapist can help you close this gap and stop problems from affecting your entire marriage.

Ways to Build Intimacy Outside of Sex

By focusing on non-sexual techniques to increase intimacy, couples can overcome these obstacles and continue to have a strong, healthy relationship. Consider the following ideas:

  • Holding each other close while enjoying a movie or a picnic in the park
  • Participating in things that you and the other person love doing together, such as dancing
  • Hugging and kissing someone on a regular basis
  • Keeping each other’s hands while you stroll hand in hand
  • spending time with one another in the company of conversation


Having sex together can strengthen a relationship. According to studies, sexual activity occurs roughly twice a week for the typical Indian couple. The desire for sex naturally decreases with age, and it can also be impacted by variables like stress, kids, and health. If a sexual pair wants to increase their frequency, they should talk about their wants and try to meet them.

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