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Reasons To Play With Sex Toys on Your Partner

Reasons Why You Should Play With Sexual Toys With Your Partner

Sex toys are a major factor in my current relationship’s success. In fact, neither of us is afraid to try something new when it comes to our sexual activities, and we both agree that mixing up our sex toys is a great way to spice things up when it comes to our intimate encounters. I can’t imagine having sex without them.
When it comes to your sex life, it’s time for a change of pace. Why should you incorporate them into your sex life? Here are  great reasons to do so!

1. They relieve your stress.

No matter how generous your partner is, it can be difficult to orgasm at times. Orgasm is only possible for 70% of women, according to research  It’s possible to stimulate the clit with your fingers or tongue, depending on where you are. A vibrator can alleviate some of the pressure of having an orgasm, which can lead to more opportunities for orgasming with your partner as a whole.

2. They relieve the burden of pressure that has been placed on your partner.

When you’re masturbating, no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, they’ll never be able to reach that place the way you can. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with them. Bringing a sex toy or two (or more) into the bedroom will not only relieve the pressure that you are putting on yourself to have an orgasm, but it will also relieve the pressure that your partner is putting on themselves to achieve an orgasm. Both of you will have a soothing and pleasant sensation during the act of having sexual relations, just as it should be.

3. It Is More Likely That You Will Have More Than One Orgasm

When you release the strain that you’ve been putting on yourself and your partner, you’ll find that it’s much simpler to achieve an orgasm, and you may even find that you’re able to have more than one. You’re setting yourself up for an intense situation that will be full of more orgasms than you’d probably get if it was just you and your partner without the battery-operated toys if it were a scientific fact that vibrators enhance sexual satisfaction. Since it is actually a scientific fact that vibrators enhance sexual satisfaction, you’re setting yourself up for this intense situation by combining toys with your partner. It never stops, it never stops, it never stops…

4. Adventure leads to more exciting sexual encounters

Discovering new facets of your partner’s sexuality not only paves the way for experiences that you had no idea you were even capable of enjoying, but also strengthens the connection that you two share sexually. Let’s be honest: the first person who handcuffs you to the bedpost leaves an indelible mark on your memory.

There are remote control toys that your partner can control from across the room (or across the globe); butt plugs for those looking to try out anal play; dildos, which are great while a woman is receiving oral sex; and whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, gag ball, and nipple clamps for those looking to take their BDSM game up a few notches. All of these items can be found online.

5 In addition, they encourage you to try out new roles.

With all this exploration going on, you never know exactly what sort of twisted up positions in which you’ll find yourself. The Kama Sutra may have only 64 positions, but with enough creativity and a sex toy as your guide, you might find there are more than that.

6. Mutual sex is awe-inspiring.

Even while we already know how beneficial masturbation may be, we can’t deny that it’s also quite seductive to witness the act in progress. It’s also a great learning experience. Masturbating with a sex toy in front of your partner is a terrific way to prepare for a sexual encounter by demonstrating to them what you like and how you get yourself off. Allowing men, in particular, to see you masturbate behind closed doors makes them feel like they’ve won the lottery. If you’re interested in someone, you’ll probably like watching them enjoy themselves just as much. Masturbating with a sex toy in front of your spouse is a terrific way to set the mood for future sexual encounters. To be able to watch you masturbate from behind a curtain is like winning the lottery for men, who are highly visual creatures. If you’re interested in someone, you’ll probably like watching them enjoy themselves just as much.

7.Help Bring Your Dreams To Life!

When it comes to playing a schoolteacher, there’s a whip for that. Dressing up, role playing, and utilising toys as props are the finest ways to bring your dreams to life. Maybe you’ve been fantasising about handcuffing your lover and playing police officer.

8. You’ll be flipping the bird to any stigma that comes your way.

Despite the fact that the use of sex toys is more prevalent than ever before, they nevertheless occasionally get a poor name for being just for “lonely” women. Some men are even terrified by the prospect of “competing” with sex toys. Are you kidding me, guys? You and your partner will be giving the middle finger to those outmoded myths when you use toys in the bedroom, which will only make sexual activity even more enjoyable.

9. You’ll At Last Be Able to Put All of Your Questions to Rest

You’ve been using your sex toy and having a good time with it all by yourself, but recently you’ve been thinking about how much more fun it would be if you used it with your lover. The question is, then, what are you waiting for? When you give it a shot, you may put your questions to rest and move on to having the most satisfying sexual experience of your life.

10. Buying Them Together Creates a Bonding Experience

You and your partner can pick which sex toys are most suited for each other when you buy them together. After some experimentation, you’ll be able to select a toy that works best for you and your child. The salespeople can point you in the proper path, so don’t be scared to ask them questions.

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