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People Relationships & Sex Life 2021: Pandemic Effect & how to improve it?

Are you single and unable to enjoy casual sex? Or are you someone living away from your partner? Covid-19 has not been easy for anyone in the world, and it has also hit many sexual relationships. Sex life in pandemic has come to a halt to avoid transmission of the disease, others due to proximity or lack thereof. While the term lockdown sex sounds kinky and fun, the mental stress and physical changes in people have affected sex drive in a big way. We are here to tell you that there are some ways to improve your sex life. Some ‘pick me up’ activities in the bedroom with/or without your partner can turn around the way you have been having sex in pandemic times. Enhancing sex life in pandemic calls for opening up the chest of goodies you told yourself you’ll try one day. Sex toys and sex accessories contribute towards better sex life and can answer all your sexual troubles.

 Covid 19 & latest trends in people’s sexual life in pandemic

More & more people/families have been confined to their homes in the last year or so, which has affected sexual relationships too. On the one hand, this has inadvertently provided space and time for couples to explore each other’s sexual needs and engage in fantasies. With more time on hands, sex life in pandemic changed drastically and saw a rise in sexual aid products like role-playing costumes, sex games, BDSM products, and penetrative toys. 

Working couples/partners who rarely had the time and stamina to go the extra mile could indulge in various sexual activities to satisfy their partner’s needs. The fear of the disease and dip in sex drive went hand in hand, and the use of sex toys and virtual sex has become common nowadays. Sex life in pandemic is relying on technology and connecting with partners through it. The decrease in casual sex also means a lesser number of STIs and more self-dependence.

 Covid outbreak-How it has impacted people’s sex life in a pandemic?

The Covid-19 outbreak was a sudden and extreme change in everyone’s life. Safety and survival became (and still is) the number one priority around the globe forcing everyone to be into their homes/closed spaces. While people are closer to each other, sex life in pandemic is different for every couple. Some factors like proximity, a difference of opinion, and the constant presence of children resulted in stressful sex or no sex at all. Setting the mood in a private space plays an important role that is absent for most people today, and this has also tampered down sex desires.

  •  Pandemic Negative Effects: Single People – 

 The pandemic has affected the sex lives of people with and without partners. The need for social distancing and safety measures has made us all say goodbye to restaurants, clubs, cafes, and pretty much any public space for social gatherings. In a world where six feet apart is the new-normal, sex life in pandemic is sure to be affected, so is the dating scene. There are many ways of having sex without partner, and with no room for casual sex, the singlehood clan can use sex toys and stimulating accessories to keep up sex drive. Technology is a boon for your sex life in pandemic, and you can go one step ahead by opting for phone sex with partner.

  •  Pandemic Negative Effects: People in a Long Distance relationship – 

 Couples with an active sex life have had to live a life of abstinence along with their partners. The pandemic has hugely affected mental health, and the stress and fear of the diseases have crushed High sex drive.  The environmental pressures and the distance from partners result in low Libido and many sex issues which were not present before. The lack of sexual intimacy in a long distance can also affect the relationship as a whole even though there are ways to indulge in long-distance relationship sex. We recommend turning to penetrative toys, stimulation accessories, and adult games to boost sex arousal and add some spark to your relationship. 

  • Pandemic Negative Effects: Married Couples or Middle age People – 

Age, stress, and environmental changes can affect sexual performance, and the pandemic is an added difficulty in the lives of married/middle-aged couples. While proximity is a good thing, it is human nature to react to an excess of anything, including proximity. When your partner is with you 24*7, the mystery of being together and your sex life in pandemic can fade. Couples are facing common sexual dysfunctions in the bedroom. Factors like lack of privacy, menopause sex problems, erectile dysfunction, financial and work stress, etc., result in loss of libido. If you are a woman experiencing low sex drive, you can try out the organic sex arousal medicine for females. Similarly, for men suffering from low libido, there is ayurvedic herb-packed sex arousal medicine for males like the shilajit capsules; they contribute towards overall sexual wellness for men by enhancing performance and stamina. One solution is investing in good fragrances, as they are known to boost mood. Try out sexual perfumes to increase arousal in the bedroom.

 Pandemic Myth: Does Covid spread through sex?

Today, physical/social distancing is the need of the hour, so one should enjoy sex in quarantine only with all safety measures. While Covid-19 Is not a sexually transmitted infection, there is no doubt that the Coronavirus can spread through the exchange of saliva (kissing) and sexual intercourse (only if either of the partners has the virus). Bodily fluids are exchanged during sex, and to enjoy corona sex to the fullest, it is time to jump into the world of realistic sex toys, self-love, and masturbation.

Safe sex techniques during covid-19

Your sex life in pandemic does not have to be boring at all, especially when some safe sex techniques are available to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience. Some basic safe sex techniques along with some new additions, courtesy covid-19 are-

  • Prioritize getting tested for Covid-19, monitor your/your partner’s health before engaging in sex.
  • Avoid kissing, sex, or any sexual activity if either of you is feeling unwell. Even mild symptoms of covid (like fever, shortness of breath, cold, cough, etc.,) should not be taken lightly. 
  • If either of you is experiencing covid-19 symptoms or afraid of engaging in intercourse, mutual masturbation with remote control sex toys is an effective technique. This way you can feel intimacy with your partner through virtual sex. 
  • Always wear a condom for penetration and oral sex, and thoroughly wash all sexual aids like toys or bondage accessories before and after each use.
  • No sharing of sex toys/ no switching of toys from anal/vaginal intercourse. Shower right after/wash your hands thoroughly, this applies to masturbation as well. 

 The sudden change that none of us prepared for is the storm of Covid-19. Even though it is not a sexually transmittable infection, there are a new set of rules for sex amidst a pandemic. We have to keep ourselves informed and protected not only from STI’s but also from covid-19 while engaging in sexual acts.  (Helpful tip  – Switch to self-love and masturbation with toys)

  • Maintaining a hygienic sexual life in pandemic – 

Before you engage in masturbation, wash your hands thoroughly. Wash all sex toys and avoid cross-contamination. Avoid sharing sex toys, care and store them hygienically. 

  • Sex life in pandemic with a partner/ or long-distance relationship–

 For many couples having sex during the pandemic has been difficult, The forced stay-at-home life, work, and isolation can become a roadblock in your sex life, so can the lack of privacy and long-distance.  Technology is a wonder, and we suggest that you make full use of it in your sex life with the help of online sex toys for men and women available in the market. 

  •  Sex life in pandemic & being single–

 Living the single life in this pandemic is not easy, and while casual sex is a no-no, you can depend on cheap sex toys for men and women. If you are single and it’s hard to get mingle, we might suggest wireless sex toys like vibrators and anal play devices. Sex life in pandemic can be a lot more fun with sex toys for men like masturbators, penis pumps, sex dolls, etc. We are not saying that toys are the real thing, but it’s close and sometimes even better. Some of the best sex toys for women are clitoral stimulators, dildos, vibrating massagers, and anal plugs. Nothing a little self-love cannot fix (in fact, it keeps you safe from diseases). 

 How to improve your sexual relationship during the Covid pandemic?

Adult games and virtual sex is the new normal, and these can contribute to your sexual wellness & keep the sparks alive in your relationship through the pandemic. Here are some tips on how you can improve your sex life in a pandemic –

  • Sex toys -A sure-shot way to improve the sexual relationship between you and your partner is by using sex toys. There are numerous reasons for couples to use sex toys; various studies and research proves that it boosts sex drive and contributes towards a healthy sex life and relationship. Since you and your partner have been couped up during this pandemic, take the pressure off yourself and let the sex toys guide you. You can use sex toys while enjoying oral, vaginal, or anal sex; this allows you to explore new sex positions. Restore your sex life in pandemic with the help of a handy vibrator, penis ring, butt plug, or dildo. If you’re feeling the strain of a relationship or a dry spell, we recommend shopping together online for some sex toys. This bonding experience will open up new avenues of intimacy for you and your partner.
  • Adult sexy clothing – Dress to impress, and in this case, seduce. Your sex life in pandemic can become hundred times interesting with the right kind of presentation. The way you look when you walk into your bedroom says a lot about your mood and can turn on your partner. Invest in good-quality sexy clothing like babydolls, teddies, lingerie sets, latex clothing, and more. Introduce cosplay if you and are partner are comfortable exploring each other’s sex fantasies. Whether you want to get it on with a french maid or a fireman, dressing the part is step one for any fantasy play.
  • Use bondage products – BDSM or bondage is more than just sex; the sensual activities of restraint and role play make up a huge part of BDSM play. There are many fantasies and scenarios which do not include/focus on intercourse. Bondage is an amazing idea for foreplay, as it can help break the monotony and shift your focus on sexual activity. Tip – This is recommended only for partners living together (for safety reasons). Wash bondage restraints/accessories before and after use.
  • Adult games and wellness products – Now more than ever, you need to indulge in foreplay and sex activities to get into the mood for sex. The pandemic has been/is stressful for everyone but there are some ways you and your partner can relax. Creating an ambience and sprucing up the environment with some sexual perfumes and romantic candles will do you some good. Furthermore, adding some fun to your sex routine is a must to boost your sex life in the pandemic, and sex games are the perfect way to do it. Take the decision out of your hands and let a roll of the dice or selection of cards decide what you do in bed. 
  • The tech sex – Phone sex and virtual sex have got a whole new meaning. Support your online sex with a variety of Sex toys for women in India, using toys like Masturbators and sex vibrators. It can keep you safe and sane. It may seem awkward at first if you’re not the kind of person who talks dirty, but phone sex can be a lot of fun.  Many of the women sex toys can be operated through an app/or device; to enhance your sex life in pandemic you can also let your partner take control of it. 

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