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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Anal Pleasure With A Butt Plug

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Anal Pleasure With A Butt Plug

This butt plug 101 guide will explain exactly what a butt plug is, why they can give you (and your partner) with more sexual pleasure, and, most importantly, how to use a butt plug in a way that is both safe and pleasurable. I’ve also included some additional butt plug tips toward the end of the video for those of you who are looking for kinkier or naughtier sex.

What exactly is a butt plug, then?

A sex item known as a butt plug is designed to be placed through the oral cavity. Plugs have three primary components: an insertable piece known as the shaft or bulb, a base that stays outside your buttocks, and a narrower neck (or stem) that links the elements of the plug. When viewed head-on, many plugs have the appearance of a spade.

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However, when it comes to butt plugs, there is a wide variety of options available. They can be constructed using a wide range of materials, including glass, wood, silicone, and metal, to name a few examples of each. It’s possible for the shaft to have several bulges, as well as a tapered or more rounded profile. In addition, the shafts and necks of many plugs are straight, although certain plugs may have curved shafts.

The bottom can be rectangular, square, circular, or even shaped like a hook or an anchor. It can even be flat. The base can double up as a handle, and it can take the form of either a loop or a circular. Some plugs have colorful diamonds at the base, while others have animal “tails.” Both of these features bring a touch of the fantastic to your gaming.

It is natural for you to be curious about the function of a butt plug, and your curiosity is warranted. At its most fundamental level, all it does is satisfy your hunger. There is neither propulsion nor motion present. However, some plugs have additional features, such as vibrating (and some even come with remotes to regulate the vibrations), while others may be attached to cock rings or other toys, allowing them to perform two tasks at once.

Why Is the Purpose of a Butt Plug?

The easiest answer is to provide pleasurable anal stimulation. However, there are specific reasons or aspects of using a butt plug that appeal to some people.

Spicing up sex – people like using butt plugs because they’ve novel, and some especially like the taboo of anal play or that they can wear butt plugs in public without anyone knowing. 14 incredible tips to spice up sex.
Pleasurable stimulation – using a butt plug can feel good because it’s filling or stimulates the prostate. Some people can have anal orgasms while using a butt plug!
BDSM punishment butt plugs can be used as a form of punishment, especially if they’re large and/or uncomfortable. Here are another BDSM punishment ideas to keep things spicy!
Anal training – you can train your anus to take larger toys through anal training, which is done both for its own sake and to prepare for anal sex. Read: Anal training guide.
Role play – butt plugs with animal tails can function like costumes during role play, especially during pet play.
Double penetration – combining a butt plug in the anus with a penis, sex toy, or fingers in the vagina is one way to experience double penetration

How to Avoid Injuries When Using a Butt Plug

You must have a thorough understanding of proper butt plug safety procedures before you even attempt to use one. If you do not use sex toys correctly, including butt plugs, or if you push anything into your anus that was not designed for you to do so securely, the toys may become more difficult to remove or may travel deeper into your body. This can be a health risk.

People really do end up in emergency rooms to have lost butt plugs removed, along with sex toys or some other item they implanted anally. Sometimes this takes a trip to the emergency room and surgery to cure. There has even been research done in the scientific community on this…

According to the findings of one study, sex toys accounted for 41% of all things that needed to be surgically removed from the rectum

Make sure it has a flared base – The most important thing you can do to avoid this uncomfortable, awkward, and expensive trip to the doctor is to always purchase anal toys with a flared base or handle. This will ensure that you do not experience any of these things. The base ought to have a width that is visibly greater than that of the stem and the neck. In that case, your anus might just go ahead and swallow it! Because of this, it’s not a good idea to just shove anything in there because it has the potential to fit.

Thin neck – Having a neck that is narrow helps to ensure that the butt plug will remain in place. Because your anus won’t be able to get close enough to the plug if the neck isn’t narrow enough to accommodate the size of the shaft, the plug may fall out. In a similar fashion, check that the neck is long enough to allow your anal sphincter to wrap around it to the greatest extent feasible. This is not necessarily a threat to anyone’s safety, but it can be very annoying.

Make sure it can’t break — Although this tutorial mostly focuses on butt plugs, you should steer clear of any toys that have rough edges or components that could break off. This encompasses both fresh produce and candles!

It is important to exercise caution while working with glass butt plugs that have looped handles because these bases are more likely to break than others.

Is the material that makes up the body secure? – Finally, the substance can affect the safety of the butt plug in that some materials are porous while others are not. This indicates that even after washing the toy, bacteria may still be able to hide in the item’s numerous microscopic holes. You should never, ever share toys made of jelly or swap them between orifices since not only can those materials cause responses within your own body, but you should also avoid doing so at all costs.

Do not utilize any object that has previously been inserted in your butt vaginally, and the same rule applies to your partner’s body parts as well!

To our relief, bacteria are not able to thrive in the same way in toys that do not have pores. A thorough washing with soap and water will be more effective at eradicating all of those germs. Toys that are manufactured from nonporous materials such as metal, glass, or silicone can also be sterilized by boiling, spraying them with a solution of 10% bleach, or placing them in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap, not with dishes).

It doesn’t matter what material your butt plug is made of; you still need to clean it properly. If you want to make cleanup even simpler, you can put your plug within a condom.

Instructions for Installing a Butt Plug

You have arrived at the right location if you are looking for a detailed walkthrough on how to use a butt plug. You are free to skip over any of the sections that don’t pertain to your situation. For instance, you might have already broached the subject of utilizing a butt plug with your partner, or you might merely want to use it on your own.

Try It Out on Your Own First?

If you want to experiment with butt plugs, the first thing you need to do is choose whether you will do them by yourself or with a partner. If you go it alone, there will be less pressure on you, and you will have the opportunity to observe how your body reacts and deal with any problem that may arise.

On the other side, it is possible that a partner will find it simpler to place the butt plug because they will be able to position themselves behind you. Alternately, you can decide that you wish to utilize a butt plug for a specific purpose during other sexual activities.

It is entirely dependent on you.
Discuss It in the Beginning.

You should never force anything down another person’s throat without first getting their permission. There are some folks who might not be interested in having anything at all come in through their rear door. It’s possible that others will want to get ready first. This planning is essential to reducing the likelihood of painful and messy incidents.

So have a conversation with your spouse about it, regardless of whether you want to try a butt plug on yourself, have them wear one, or both. It is important to keep in mind that you are not required to begin anal play with a butt plug. Fingers are more manageable in size and may provide an easier transition into it.

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Get Ready for Some Penetration!

Butt plugs, like any other type of backdoor play, could require a little bit of preparation. It should go without saying that putting a butt plug in your buttocks is probably not the best option if your gastrointestinal system isn’t feeling great (gas, loose or compacted feces, etc.)

In a similar vein, the friction caused by anal play can make hemorrhoids worse therefore if you are suffering from them, it is advisable to wait until they have healed before engaging in anal play.

Cleaning – Having a bowel movement that is free of blood and other debris is typically a sign that you are ready to use a butt plug. Taking a shower or using wet wipes after you use the restroom can provide you with an added sense of calm and relief. It is not typically necessary to use an enema or an anal douche, although you certainly might if you were particularly concerned with maintaining a spotless appearance.

Find additional advice in our comprehensive guide to getting ready for anal sex.

Shaving is another one of those things that isn’t required of you, but it’s up to you if you want to do it or not. If your hair is very long, it has a greater chance of getting caught on a butt plug, not to mention picking up debris that you’d prefer not have to deal with when you’re trying to enjoy yourself sexually.

Even if you use one regularly and keep your pubic hair well shaved, using a butt plug for the first time can be somewhat uncomfortable. Because of this, we advise beginning with a plug that is on the smaller side, approximately the size of one or two fingers.

You can always upgrade to a larger butt plug, but once you’ve had an unpleasant experience with a plug that’s too big, there’s no going back. This is something that we cannot stress enough:

Take Over the Position

You can use a butt plug in virtually any position where your posterior is exposed. However, certain positions may be more comfortable or make it simpler to place a plug, especially when traveling alone. The following positions are all viable alternatives when using a butt plug.

Doggy style
On your back, draw your knees to your chest.
On your side, pull the knee of your top leg to your chest while squatting.

Use Lube

Since the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, lubricant is required. Saliva is insufficient. Although some people enjoy the tightness or friction, not applying lubricant can cause micro-tears that bacteria and viruses love to exploit, potentially resulting in a medically necessary illness.

Consult our guide to lubricants to determine which type will work best for you.

You may lubricate the butt plug, the buttocks, or both. You decide, but we encourage both.
Go Slowly

Slow is essential while utilizing a butt plug. Before inserting the plug, you may want to try with your fingers. Obviously, you can skip this stage if your toy is roughly the same size as your fingers, if you have expertise with anal sex or other forms of backdoor play, or if you are determined to dive in.

When the time is right, insert the lubricated butt plug slowly. For the plug to remain in place, you must push its shaft beyond the anal sphincter, a ring of muscles that forms the entrance to the anus.

You can relax your body to facilitate easy entry. It may sound counterintuitive, but gently pulling your sphincter against the toy can facilitate penetration. Some claim that relaxing your throat will have the same effect on your anus.

If the pain is too intense, pause with the object in place and breathe. Allow your body to adjust to the feel of the butt plug. If it is excessive, you can remove it and try again at a later time.

Never utilize numbing products during anal play. Your body uses pain to indicate that something is amiss. And if you numb all pain, you may not discover injuries immediately, which could lead to their deterioration.

Rather, move slowly. Breathe. Respect your body’s needs and work with it.

Is there more than one kind of butt plug?

Yes, there are different butt plugs.

Vibrating Propelled
Designed to play p-spots
Animal-tail-shaped plugs
Plugs that are jeweled or decorated
Plugs with holes
Inflatable plugs
Plugs for pipes (human, animal, or fantasy)
Plugs that glow in the dark
Electric plugs
Plugs with suction cups

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