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How to enjoy the difference in texture for anal or vagina?

While selecting the dildo for sexual activity, the texture is also an important criterion. The textual depends on the hardness and softness condition of the dildos. The harness dildo is generally made of ABS plastics, rubber, glass etc. The soft dildo is made of silicone material. Depending on the hardness and softness of the dildo, a couple can select the dildo according to their choice. Some of the dildo surfaces are very hard, so a couple can feel very difficult while inserting. If they apply lubricant then also it is very difficult to insert. So avoid purchasing these types of a dildo. It depends on mood and physical condition that which types of a dildo are perfect for you.

Even in anal, the difference in pleasure depends on the texture. In general, what inserts into the anal is made of a material that does not stick to the intestinal wall, and materials that are compatible with silicone lotion are used. Silicon dildo is incompatible with silicone lotion and may be deformed. Anal is different from the vagina it absorbs moisture so it will dry as soon as it is a water-soluble lubricant. Because of that, oil base, a silicone base, or its hybrid lubricant is suitable for anal, so many anal toys is also there. If you want solid hardness, we recommend materials like glass, metal, PVC. Also, if you want to exercise up and down firmly in the anal, you should have something like a normal dildo with moderate hardness. Of course, there is also a type of vibrating dildo, which is the criterion to choose with texture.

It is best to check the dildo by touching its surface before purchasing. But if you purchase the dildo from online then it is difficult to check the hardness and softness of the dildo. There are only a few products which describe the textual in details. It is better to purchase the toy which is flexible and has a smooth surface so that it can easily get inserted. The dildo which is made of silicone is perfect for the sexual activity because it has a flexible body and the surface of silicone is very smooth. The only drawback is that you do not use the silicone based lubricant with silicone made toy.

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