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Benefits of sex toys for male and female

sex toys for beginners 

If you have never tried any sex toys before, this list will help you decide what to buy first. 

  • Couple’s vibrator. It fits right under your labia. It stays put in one place and that means both of you can enjoy the sensation it gives off.  
  • Strap-on vibrator. This comes especially with an adjustable harness. Mind you, this can be for the more adventurous but with various sizes and weights, it can enhance your sexual experience.   
  • Butt plugs. They may sound like a torture implement, but once you get a hand of these, your sexual experience will never be the same without them. These are available in the market in various sizes. And, as the name suggests, it is meant to be worn inside your butt.
  • Restraints. Yes, these are just like the sex toys of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, but you don’t have to go all the way. You can buy soft restraints to try something new in the bedroom.  
  • Ben Wa Balls. You may have seen in these in the movie 50 Shades of Grey. They are round silver balls that you place inside your vagina. They not only enhance your sexual experience but also strengthen your kegels and your pelvic floor. 
  • Cock ring. A silicone ring as the name suggests, is worn over a penis. It has many benefits including prolonged orgasm and extra clitoral stimulation, just to name a few. Plus, some even come with a battery. 
  • Whip. You don’t need to buy a leather whip. You can start off with something soft and small. Or you can try a few that are available with a feather on the top. This can be used by both partners.  

The fact is that incorporating sex toys in your bedroom can boost a relationship and increase intimacy and sexual satisfaction. However, one needs to be open to their partner’s desires and accepting of their rejection as well. 

If there is a sense of mutual respect and openness, then you can experience great satisfaction in bed together

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