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Clitoris Stimulators: The Best Women Sex Toy For An Ultimate Orgasmic Experience

Buy best sex toys for women for an Orgasmic Experience

What is clitoris? Most men do not know about the clitoris & its sexual importance to the female body. Surprisingly many women are unaware of this pleasure point too. We are here to tell you that clitoris stimulators are the best sex toy for women, and here is why. First of all, the clitoris is an eternal part of the female body; and a rather sensitive one. You can find it above the vagina and urethra and is the pleasure centre of the vulva. The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings. It’s there to make you feel good and is a big part of female orgasms. 

Clitoris stimulator is one of the most pleasurable women toys for sex as it caters to the sexual needs of the female body. Many women who experience female orgasmic disorders, vaginal dryness, low libido, inability to orgasm, etc., can resort to clitoris stimulation. It is unfortunate if you have never experienced an orgasm, but you can change that by investing in a vibrating clitoris stimulator. The consistent pulsating effect results in an orgasmic release, and you can also use these compact toys during penetrative sex.

What are Clit Stimulators & how do they look?

Clitoral stimulators come in various forms, some battery-powered and others manual; they stimulate the clitoris for pleasurable orgasms and sexual satisfaction. There are many varieties in clitoral stimulators, from remote control vibrators to tongue-shaped toys, wand massagers, and more.

Whether you choose a clitoris vibrator or a manual massager, the sensation leads to increased blood flow to the clitoris, resulting in heightened sensitivity and pleasure. A clit vibrator usually looks compact and different from a regular dildo or vibrator. 

Popularly known as a g spot vibrator, we highly recommend adding this toy to your collection. The majority of the women do not climax during penetrative sex, and clitoris stimulation can enhance the experience and take you towards an orgasm. 

Classy Clitoris Vibrators you can choose online

Bullet vibrators  

Bullet vibrators are one of the most popular types of clitoris stimulators. Bullet, appropriately named, is small in size and a travel-friendly sex toy. The bullet vibrator is a popular choice among women looking for something small yet powerful but not as noisy or bulky as an original vibrator. The bullet vibrator comes in many different shapes and sizes and works towards pinpointed simulation. The bullet clitoris stimulator is a must-have for every woman as it helps you take charge of your pleasure in your own hands. However, do not get fooled by how small and cute bullet vibrators look, as the compact powerhouse can help you enjoy intense orgasms.

Wand Massagers 

Say hello to the good old massager. This microphone-shaped clitoris stimulator is popularly known as the wand. It is a rather versatile toy used to experience pulsating effects on the various erogenous zones of the body. Its long handle makes it easy to hold and use at different angles on the clitoris in the most comfortable way. Wand vibrators are powerful toys for masturbation. 

Mini Rabbit vibrator for women 

Another popular clitoris stimulator is the rabbit vibrator. It has a comparatively slender tip for penetration and rabbit-like ears at the front that stimulates the clitoris. The dual functionality of this vibrator for women allows them to enjoy vaginal and clitoral stimulation together. Using the rabbit clitoris stimulator is a fun way to enjoy masturbation and sex. Just in case you were wondering, no, you will not be overwhelmed by the sensation.  If anything, the feel of the smooth silicone against your vaginal walls and the soft rabbit ear against the clitoris can result in satisfying sex.

Panty vibrator 

As the name suggests, a panty vibrator is a kind that you can wear (well, kind off). Vibrating panties are a must-have sex toy, and the hands-free experience alone is reason enough to invest in these. If you thought vibrators are fun, these wearable remote control panty vibrators would enhance the experience of masturbation and self-love. You can wear panty vibrators both indoors and outdoors, and it is usually remote-controlled or connected to an app via Bluetooth. There are varieties in wearable vibrators, and the toy can clip onto the underwear or come positioned in the underwear already. 

Clitoral sucking vibrator 

Mimicking oral sex, clit suction toys are a favourite among women. While most women do not climax with just penetrative sex, oral and clitoris stimulation play a big part in overall sexual satisfaction. Clit sucking vibrator is a revolutionary product that has created a novelty feel, unlike any other clitoris stimulator. The carefully designed product creates pressure and airflow (the actions mimic sucking), encouraging a rush of blood flow to the clitoris. This stimulation increases sensitivity resulting in intense orgasms.

Tongue vibrator

Another clitoris stimulator aiding oral sex is the tongue vibrator. Its unique shape makes it ideal for clitoral play, wider than a regular vibrator; this compact powerhouse can be used as a Nipple vibrator too. It’s a versatile and flexible sex toy for women, usually made of silicone to give the feeling of the real thing. 

Role of clitoris sex toys in women orgasm

Here is a quick and helpful QNA to tell you about the importance of clitoris stimulators for female orgasms – 

  • What to do if I am unable to orgasm through penetrative sex?

Your body has many erogenous zones, and everybody feels pleasure differently. We recommend vibrating massagers as they are versatile and can use them on all parts of the body. The pulsating effects can tell you exactly where you feel the most aroused. Are you aware-Where is the clitoris? It is all right to be unaware about clit location or not knowing how to stimulate it; you can still use a clitoris stimulator to explore yourself down there and figure out what gets you to that orgasm.

  • How to make women orgasm? 

There are many different kinds of orgasms a woman can experience, a clitoral orgasm, a vaginal orgasm, a cervical orgasm, and ejaculation. Often women can experience more than one type of orgasm together through masturbation or penetrative sex. However, one of the most effective ways to make women orgasm is through clitoris sex. Since the purpose of the clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure, stimulating it with fingers, oral sex, or a clitoris stimulator is sure to help you reach the pleasurable peak. 

  • What does an orgasm for a woman feel like?

When at the peak and about to orgasm, you will feel it throughout the body. There are different types of orgasms, and whether it is through penetration, oral sex, or clitoris stimulation, every woman’s experience is different.  An orgasm can feel somewhat like a spasm, and you may feel like you are losing control of your body. It would be an experience like no other. 

What are the benefits of Clitoral Stimulators as a woman masturbator?

  • Among the most popular masturbators for women are clitoris stimulators because they contribute to female orgasms. The advantage of using clitoris stimulators is that they can guarantee a pleasurable experience and result in an orgasm. 
  • Many women suffering from vaginal dryness, low libido, etc., can opt for clitoris stimulators. The clitoris is sensitive, and friction caused by a clitoral toy can help in arousal. The lack of foreplay and arousal often contributes to a dry vagina and low sex drive. Stimulating the clitoris causes a female erection, leading to an aroused state and self-lubrication (vaginal). 
  • All bodies are different, and so is their response to sexual stimulation. Women unable to orgasm by vaginal penetration, anal sex, or even oral sex can opt for a clitoris stimulator. Treating the pleasure centre is sure to bring you closer to sexual gratification. 
  • If vaginal penetration does not work for you, switch to a rabbit vibrator or a clitoris stimulator. The touch sensation and vibrating effects on your sensitive clitoris is the perfect masturbation technique.
  • Using a clitoral vibrator can act as foreplay to masturbation and help you get in the mood.
  • Clitoris stimulators help you switch to different forms of masturbation and break the routine. You can use them while inserting a butt plug or along with a dildo, and there is more to explore when you know how to use a clitoris stimulator.
  • All kind of consensual sex is fun but, opening yourself to heightened pleasure can enhance your sexual experience. Many clitoris stimulators come with different vibrating patterns and intensity levels, some of which are compact and travel-friendly.
  • Others are remote controlled and can be worn discreetly while in public too. Clitoris stimulators aiding in masturbation can increase intimacy between you and your partner, especially when they’re staying away. In these tough times, you don’t have to compromise with your sexual wellness or your relationship.

Who should use Clitoris Stimulating Sex Toys?

  1. Anyone with a clitoris can use clitoral stimulators. However, it is a versatile sex toy, and irrespective of gender, one can use clitoral toys to stimulate various erogenous zones on their body. As a first-time user of female sex toys, you can opt for clitoral stimulators since they are external sex toys.
  2. Adults are curious about sex and pleasure, and understanding the importance of clitoral stimulation early on can contribute to healthy and satisfactory sex life. You can always tailor-make your sex toy collection to suit your sexual desires. For example, you can use women’s sex toys like a tongue vibrator on the clitoris and the penis.
  3. Similarly, a wand massager can be used on any part of the body that helps you/your partner feel aroused. Rabbit vibratos, wand massagers, bullet vibrators, tongue and clit suckers are all popular girls sex toys used to explore and understand one’s body.  

Tips for the first time use of women clitoris sex stimulating toys?

  • Remember to clean your clitoris stimulator before using it. ( we recommend a good rinse of your privates too)
  • When using a vibrating clit stimulator, start at the lowest speed setting to get comfortable with the sensations. 
  • Test out the vibrating toy on your hand first, so you know what to expect down there. All clitoris stimulating toys have different speed settings and vibrating patterns, and as a first-time user, it is important to patch tests. 
  • Whether you are indulging in self-love or using a clitoral sex toy with a partner, a clitoris stimulator can help you explore how, where, and what generates the most pleasure on your vulva. Foreplay gets you/your body ready for lovemaking, and just like the penis, the clitoris erects due to increased blood flow/arousal. 
  • The majority of sex toys for clitoris are made of body-safe silicone that is smooth to touch; you must use a silicone-safe lubricant to enjoy a pleasurable experience. You do not want the friction on this sensitive bud of yours to cause pain or damage, so please use some lube.
  • As a first-time user, allow yourself to explore the clitoris with touch, start slow and see what movements work for you. Manual clitoris stimulators or vibrating ones? Which one would you choose for masturbation? 

Is it safe to use women’s clit stimulators for your vagina?

Sex, masturbation, and sex toy play are too stigmatized in our society. It’s time to bust myths and prioritize pleasure. What better place to start than with the pleasure centre of the female body? 

Female sex vibrators are safe to use, and almost all of them leave you satisfied without the risk of any side effects. Just like a penetrative vagina stimulator, you can go ahead and use a clitoral stimulator worry-free.  Loss of sensitivity is the biggest myth of using a g spot stimulator; the numbness or slight pain is only temporary and caused by the overuse of any toy. 

Clitoris Stimulators & Intimate Hygiene

We recommend avoiding sharing Clitoris massagers and invest in individual ones. However, if you do end up using/sharing it with a partner, maintain proper and strict hygiene. Using sex toys Is a safe way to enjoy sex without the scare of STIs. Sharing your clitoris stimulator can create the risk of transmitting infections. 

  • All vibrating toys for women are very sensitive to women’s body parts, so it’s better to clean them before and after each use thoroughly. Wash them before and after exchanging/sharing with a partner too. 
  • Maintaining hygiene is safe for you & your partner and also benefits the shelf-life of your clitoral stimulator. It works better than the ones left unattended. 
  • Store it at a dry place and make sure it is scorched before storing it. 

How to clean & Store Clit Sucker?

Naturally, your clit massager is bathed in bodily fluids, and it needs a thorough cleansing. 

  • You could use a professional-grade sex toy cleaner or a mild (aroma-free) liquid soap to clean your clitoris stimulator. 
  • The (manual) clit sucker needs to be soaked in warm soapy water and requires a light (but thorough) brushing off of all bodily fluids. For battery-powered clitoris stimulators, use a damp soapy towel on the surface multiple times and rinse off quickly.
  • Please do not submerge, rinse the battery/battery side of your sex toy.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe and let your toy dry completely before storing the clitoris stimulator. 

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